Best Free and Paid Streaming Audio Recorders

Streaming AudioMusic is regarded as the food of the soul and it surely is, after all our lives without good amount of music would sound completely monotonous. Thanks to a number of music and radio stations online, one can listen to as many songs and music today. But streaming and listening music online requires an internet connection every time you wish to listen music and this is where streaming audio recorders come really handy for you. Streaming audio recorder lets you record and store your favorite music in your computer, so that you can listen to your favorite melodies without incurring any extra charges.

A number of streaming audio recorder software has been launched till now. In order to solve your dilemma, we present to you an exclusive list of top 5 free and paid streaming audio recorders that'll make your music recording and streaming experience pleasurable:

A robust, powerful and free audio recorder and editor is how we can define audacity in a single sentence. This one is an extremely easy-to-use, cross platform audio recorder that works for Windows, Mac and various other operating systems. The most astonishing features of this software is that it lets one dub over existing tracks and records multiple channels at once. The option to edit songs and music gives this software an edge over its contemporaries.

Audials one is a multi-featured audio recorder that promises to offer numerous options for your entertainment. The software helps you connect directly with your favorite music channels online and lets you stream your favorite songs and movies apart from offering a Universal convertor that converts everything into a file for your computer use. Suitable for windows XP, Vista, 8 and 8.1, this audio recorder comes for an affordable price.

This one is wonderful software that records audio playing on your computer and swiftly converts it into Mp3 or Wav files without maligning the quality of the original audio. SoundTap works equally well for capturing, recording and converting conference calls and phone calls made with Skype apart from recording audios and music from your favorite music channel online.

Staying true to its name, free sound recorder records every sound, voice and music around it and doesn't let you shed even a single penny for its services. Yes, this one is free software that is extremely easy to use and lets you record any voice from your own to music played in the computer with the help of a sound card. A streaming software that is fit to be used with all kinds of input and recording devices along with music applications.

This one is affordable streaming software that lets you download your favorite music and songs from most popular music sites such as You Tube and My Space easily. A notable feature of Music Jacker is the music scrapper that lets you search your favorite song and artist on the internet and displays results within a few seconds.

All the above listed audio recorders wonderfully serve the purpose of recording your favorite music from online sources. Choose one of them for having a wonderful music recording and streaming experience. While in case none of them get your attention, maybe you need to have a check of this source and give it a try.

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