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Best Halloween Apps for Android and iPhone

halloween-appsWith Halloween right around the corner, it’s a good idea to prepare for the spookiest time of the year with some Halloween apps for your smartphone or tablet. There are numerous Halloween apps out there, but here’s a selection of the top picks for the best Halloween smartphone and tablet apps.

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier is an app that takes a picture of you or your friends and creates a representation of what that person would look like as a zombie. This is a fun app for zombie fans, and it could give you some great ideas on makeup work for your own zombie costume. You can even take the picture and send it to your friends to create some fun Halloween scares.

Trick or Tracker

Trick or treating is one of the best activities to do on Halloween. It’s certainly the main aspect of Halloween that most children look forward to. However, trick or treating can also be slightly worrying as a child may get lost on their own. With Trick or Tracker, any parent can instantly get the location of their child while they are trick or treating in order to ensure that they’re not going anywhere that they shouldn’t be going or to see how far they are from your location.

Included in the app is also a location tracker for children to help them find their way while trick or treating and to prevent them from getting lost.

House of Horrors

You might be the kind of person who wants to spend Halloween inside of the house watching horror movies. With the House of Horrors app, you can have access to over 100 full-length horror movies to make for a great horror movie marathon. You can make a playlist of your favorite movie selections, get detailed information on other movies with descriptions from IMDB and more. The only thing that you need to do is heat up some popcorn.

True Ghost Stories from Around the World

If you’re looking for more substance to your scares, look no further than this app. True Ghost Stories from Around the World showcases hundreds of ghost stories from users around the globe. This app is bound to send chills down your spine, and you never know when you might have a story to submit.

Costume Generator

One of the most difficult aspects of Halloween is deciding on what costume you should wear. You can be whatever you want from TV characters, animals, objects and you can even make a joke costume. However, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out what your costume should be, and it can be even more difficult to decide how it should look. With the Costume Generator app, you can discover hundreds of original and fun ideas for costumes. Simply enter in some information such as your gender, what particular style you’re looking for and what kind of attitude you’re trying to convey and start the generator. You will be given some costume ideas as well as information on how to make the costume.

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