Apps for Motivation

The modern world of informational frenzy and mundane day-to-day routine sometimes might make us feel drained and passionless about certain things and life in general. As a result, we face numerous repercussions including depression, total loss of interest in life and people and, the most painful thing is questioning yourself as a complete personality. Lack of inspiration and enthusiasm is what forces us upon a false belief that our living is futile.

But no way! Life is full of sense and meaning. All we need to do is to get motivated and turn this meaning into something positive.

We’ve compiled a small list of apps aimed at inspiring and motivating the weary and desperate philistine inside of you!

1. ThinkUp

Pulling yourself together and learning to overcome difficulties is a highly important step in the way of getting motivated. ThinkUp comprises various affirmations of the core areas of your life, namely relationship, dating, weight loss, sports, and work.

This app also allows you to connect with other users in order to get to know about their ways and methods of dealing with hard times as well as share your own story to receive proper advice on how to handle what you’re going through now.

2. Strides Habit Tracker

Have you set out a goal? Do you firmly stick to a habit? This app will be your super-smart secretary in helping you accomplish any aim or performing whatever task on your agenda. Strides sends you reminders, counts your steps per day and provides you with many other practical solutions thereby facilitating your lifestyle and the ability to get motivated whatever the situation is.

3. iWish

This app is about helping you properly organize your goals, activities and everyday bucket list items. From now on, your forgetfulness and self-organization issues are not a problem anymore as iWish will assist you in organizing and trimming every aspect of your schedule. Thus, be it following a diet or losing weight, with iWish you will never have trouble completing your self-improvement mission. Furthermore, the app enables you to find out about some other activities that might attract and motivate you.

4. Way of life!

Need help with setting priorities and focusing on matters that are crucial in your life and work? The Way of life app is always there for you! Once you’ve got the hang of this app, you’ll be able to easily manage your set of priorities.

This app also lets you track your advancement by constantly checking your success. Here you can find many tools for taking up new habits that will increase your well-being. What you can also do is set reminders for the activities you are into.

Tip: Have you got your idea of a motivational app? Check out how to find app developers who will build your mobile app from scratch.

5. Wonderful day

Recording and tracking your goals in order to reach the ultimate aim – this is how your Wonderful Day app works. This app allows you to keep a record of your daily achievements and thus analyze how much you can do for reaching your goal and how capable of accomplishing your aim you are.

You can also chart your regular activities and goals to see if you are close to completing your tasks or not. There are no boundaries for the number of chart activities which means that you can keep an eye on each of your many habits and hobbies.

6. FitQuote

Having difficulty motivating yourself towards completing your regular physical activities? This app will spark your lazy self with inspirational quotes about sports, fitness etc. so as to make you more determined and enthusiastic about what you are going to do with your body and health.

Moreover, one of FitQuote’s primary tasks is to remind you to exercise. If you are looking for loads of motivation from people like you, never hesitate to get to know about their experience in staying fit. The best way you can actually do this is through their super-motivational quotes!

7. Forest

This is an excellent alternative to the really burdening addiction to the trite shallows of social media and the Superhighway as such. How this brilliant web invention works: as soon as you open the app, there is a virtual seed planted in a virtual forest.

It can become a big grown tree providing you don’t open the other apps including social media. Once you do it, the growing tree dies. If you manage to keep the app open, your tree will impress you with its immense size telling you what a great job you have done. Exactly, you have been abstaining from web drugs all day long!

Mobile apps can inspire, don’t they?

See how easy it is to find inspiration nowadays? If you truly want to accomplish your most important goals and make something out of your life, you will find the sources of endless motivation in no time. All of good luck!

If you have any questions, please ask below!