Why Emergency Lighting is considered a Vital Part of our Life?

vandal-proof-emergency-light__50284.1309946647.1280.1280More than just a requirement, emergency lighting should be a necessity both for residential and commercial use. Emergency lights are more crucial in work places where the condition is extreme and the risk is very high. These "Hazardous Locations" include power plants, oilrigs and factories that uses or deal with fuel and other dangerous materials or chemicals.

To begin with, just what is an emergency light?

This lighting device uses a battery source and serves as a back up when the main power switches off. As soon as the main power goes out, the emergency light must automatically turn on to provide light source to buildings, factories, homes and the like.

It is a requirement in most establishments and buildings, especially in the locations which are commonly occupied by tenants or employees. Emergency lighting is very much necessary in such places with high density so that when a power outage occurs, there is power back up and there is no need for people to panic or to worry. Having the right backup lighting makes people feel safe and provides real safety to the people.

If you're planning to have emergency lighting installed, find a lighting specialist with a good track record who can advise you on product options and meet your budgetary needs.

It's imperative to find a credible lighting vendor that can provide expertise and experience. Going cheap and cutting corners will jeopardize your safety and you will be responsible for any deaths or injury caused by improper egress lighting. It is always necessary to be sure that the vendor can deliver based on your expectations.

To avoid fear and commotion during an emergency, there must be escape lighting, escape routes and open area lighting. Emergency fixtures must be placed strategically so that when the main power goes out, your corridors or hallways will still be lighted.

It is important for emergency lighting to be reliable so that it will work properly even in the extreme conditions and circumstances. An experienced emergency lighting expert can assist you on the best practices and specify an egress solution suited for your business.

There are several types of emergency lights, with a wide range of choices for you to choose from. There may be times when you even need to combine the types depending on the application. When you choose the one that you will use, make sure too that it is high quality so that it will truly serve its purpose.

For instance, there are your typical emergency battery units with dual tungsten halogen "bug-eye" lamps, with battery capacity to run the lamps for up to three hours. If you want an adjustable option, go with a multi-directional light so you can direct the light where you need it most. This type of emergency light is tough and it can last for a long time. Another nice thing about it is that it can be mounted on any wall.

There is also emergency lighting which is created to withstand corrosion, and it is the energy efficient luminaries. It also has protection against moisture and at the same time can withstand any kinds of weather as well. In fact it can still work even in freezing temperature.

For a the most portable light source, there is the LED flashlight that is lightweight but definitely durable. Some LED flashlights are very powerful that it will allow you to see objects even from 3,000 meters away.

Furthermore, there are also LED flashlights that use an advanced technology and can last more than 100,000 hours. What is great is that they are accessible and convenient to use.

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