Iro-The Smart Home Sprinkler System Controller

iroIro is a smart irrigation controller that is powered by Rachios intelligent cloud-based software and is controlled through a web-based dashboard and an intuitive Android or iPhone app.

Iro can maintain your watering schedule for you when you simply don’t have the time. It will automatically adjust for changes in weather and seasonality, using as little water as possible while keeping your landscape looking its best. Iro replaces only the existing control box yet modernizes the entire irrigation system by providing homeowners with a product experience that empowers them to have better landscapes with less time, less water and less money so they can spend more time enjoying their yard.

The modern homeowner expects an amazing product experience, current irrigation controllers on the market fall significantly short. The average homeowner is not a trained irrigation expert and they do not have the tools to properly set up and adjust their scheduling. Traditional controllers encompass little more intelligence than an egg-timer and they represent 95% of all installed irrigation controllers. They do not enable homeowners to properly set up scheduling and turn on and off on a set weekly schedule with no adjustment to changes in seasonality and weather.

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Intelligent controllers on the market are too expensive for mass adoption and are so complex and confusing that they are rarely set up properly. Rachio solves this problem by leveraging cutting edge technology to provide an amazing product experience that is affordable, easy to use, and truly intelligent.

With Iro, homeowners can choose to have full control at their fingertips or to allow Rachio’s intelligent software to automatically manage scheduling. For busy homeowners, Rachio can automatically adjust sprinkler schedules, allowing users to have professional scheduling with minimal time and effort. For the landscape and garden enthusiast, Rachio provides complete control with truly customized scheduling and instantaneous, one-touch sprinkler controls from a smartphone.

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