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Best Gifts for Techie Moms

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to start considering what we're going to get for our deserving parents. They've spent years taking care of us - it's time to give a little something back. But what to give? This is always a serious quandary. She may not be very helpful when it comes to giving suggestions, or maybe you want to surprise her. You don't want to settle for the "same-old, same-old," so why not feed the techie inside her with some of these great ideas.

Logitech TV Cam HD

Logitech TV Cam HD

Make it easy for mom to stay in touch with this simple and powerful device. This camera sits on top of the TV and has the Skype software built right in. This means no more video chatting with friends and family crowded around a small laptop screen. The wide-angle HD camera gets the whole family as their spread out around the living room. There is even a ringer that lets you know when someone is calling, whether your TV is on or not. There's even a voicemail option if you aren't around to answer the call.

Custom Smartphone Case

There are a few companies that let you customize cases for your smartphones with personal pictures. Some of these sites, like Casetegram and Skinit let you upload the pictures you want to use and provide the kinds of covers that let your mom see pictures of the family or even the favorite pet at just a glance. It's a great way to give her something truly unique.

Convertible Ultrabook

Convertible Ultrabook

Tablets have made a huge difference in the tech industry over the last couple of years, but they're not always the best solution for every situation. They are convenient and portable, but they're really only good for consuming content. If they want to do more than just browse the web and keep up with their social networks, they'll need something a little more robust.

If you don't want to give up the convenience and simple touch interface of a tablet, the best bet may be a convertible ultrabook. These slim and powerful machines provide a full keyboard and the power of a modern laptop but they can quickly be switched to provide a tablet-like experience. Start getting familiar with some of the specs of an ultrabook to familiarize yourself a bit.

Google Glass

Google Glasses

Google Glass has its share of fans and detractors - there seems to be a lot of strong opinions on whether this is the greatest or strangest thing to hit the technology market in some time. But if your mom is a serious techie, how could she not enjoy adding a "heads up display" on her life?

Google Glass provides a world of information, hands free, right onto a display in front of you. You can take pictures and record video with a couple words, share what you see live, and video chat anywhere. If you want to give her the gadget that will make people talk, this may be it.

Rechargeable Docking Station

Docking Station

If you mom has a lot of music saved on her phone, you can help her share it with everyone with a docking station that has a great speaker and can last for hours on a single charge. Products like the Sound Step Recharge let you connect wirelessly or through a standard headphone jack, and let you listen to great music in different locations even if there isn't an outlet close by.

What are you getting for mom?

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