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Top Smartphones in 2014 [Video Reviews]

The world of technology took a different turn a few years ago with the introduction of smartphones. These gadgets have not only made it possible to achieve multiple functions on the same device, but have also improved connectivity and socialization. Giant mobile developers have taken up the challenge of developing innovative smartphones as they compete for the limited customer resources.

Here are the top rated trends in smartphone technology for 2014:

1. Samsung Galaxy S5

samsung-galaxy-s-5The S5 is seen as a refinement of the already fantastic Samsung galaxy S4. Released earlier this year in Barcelona, the S5 remains one of the most powerful phones in market. It uses a QUALCOMM's Snapdragon chipset (801) on-board and runs at a massive 2.5 GHz speed. With a RAM of 2 GB, it is capable of achieving some of the quickest benchmark scores ever seen from an android device.

The S5 has a wonderful screen that promotes durability, clarity and usability. It uses the AMOLED panel covered with sRGB colour gamut to produce deep black levels of up to 0.0128 dc/m2. It has one of the best pixel resolutions ever in a mobile phone.[youtube]

2. HTC one (m8)

htc-one-m8The most outstanding feature that everyone notices with HTC-one is its all-metal design. This smartphone is however more than just its fantastic exterior. It is fixed with two 4 megapixel camera sensors capable of covering high speed motion and multiple images clearly. The smartphone uses four cores and a 2 GB RAM to achieve very high operational speeds.

It has an internal storage of 16 GB with a slot for additional memory. It also has an amazing battery life of 20 hours talk time and 496 days standby. Its high speed enables it to work on multiple applications at the same time, while maintaining output quality and speed. It is hard to distinguish the leading smartphone between HTC one (m8) and Samsung Galaxy S5.[youtube]

3. Google Nexus 5

Google-nexus-5Just as many people predicted, the Google Nexus Z5 is really a king of the Internet. This smartphone is built with incredible internet capabilities including HD video streaming, camera usability and connectivity among others. It is a 5 inch 1080 p handset built with Snapdragon 800 processor. It has a camera of 8 megapixels and runs on a fast internet speed of 4G.

Despite being one of the cheapest smartphones its category, the Google nexus is by no means a lesser handset. It is built with unique in-app search features and voice recognition tools. The front camera is articulated to monitor eye motion making it possible to achieve hands-free browsing. The phone has a slim beautiful exterior and a feather weight of just 130 grams.[youtube]

4. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

sony-xperia-z1-compactAs depicted in its adverts, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is truly a package of power. This phone runs at a speed of 2.2 GHz and shares a 20.7 megapixel camera sensor. It has an ultra-slim shape of 127x65x9.5 mm with a light weight of 137 g. Instead of taking a large 5 inch screen, Sony decided to squeeze 1280 x 720 on a smaller 4.3 inch screen to make a high pixel density of 340 ppi. The Z1 has saturated colours on it screen and allows android 4.3 to run very smoothly. It has an expandable memory of 16 GB and a battery life lasting up to 12 hours on video playback mode.[youtube]

5. LG G2


The LG G2 is an attractively built smartphone that is easily recognizable from its attractive slick glossy black finish succeeded by two complementary silver sparkles. Its screen is a sizable 5.2 inch which allows a small grip margin rather than edge-to-edge display. The phone takes the LG's sliming features and is finished with a classic plastic suite.

Its square corners make it comfortable in the hands. Unlike most other smartphones, its power and volume buttons are shifted to the back beneath the camera lenses rather than on the sides. The G2 has a high resolution screen hitting 423 pixels per inch, which produces razor sharp graphics. It can deliver videos at 1080p, that can only be described as crystal clear. Using a Snapdragon 800 brain, it is capable of running several memory-demanding applications simultaneously while maintaining a optimum functionality .[youtube]

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