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Hiring an iOS Developer vs. an Android Developer

iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc which was originated in 2007. Android is an operating system based on the Linux Kernel and designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phone s and tablet. Everyone has their own choice someone thinks iOS developer are good and someone thinks Android are good. Actually due to high function and attracting features provided in iOS, iOS Developer better than Android Developer.

Main reasons for considering iOS developer better than Android developer:

Camera: Android has a serious problem such as compression of image and you will fell it while sharing photo on Instagram. But iOS developer has a great solution for it, from Nexus 4 you can take brightest photo and most crunchy pot-shot to share in Instagram.

Casing: iOS unique body with polycarbonate casing with smooth colors will attract any eyes upon it which suppress the use of Android. Because nobody wants their looks and image to be dull in front of friends.

Size differs uses: Every time users used to be in tension while thinking why all use iPhone. Yes, there is some fact, carrying your large Android phone in your latest small size pocket is difficult to carry and using hand on your fumbles due to segmented application. But iOS developer has created their iPhone in such a comfortable that users can easily wrap their hand around screen for the ease access of application.

Google service: Everyone knows well that Google provides free voice call and texting. Using VoIP service is quite risky in this era and makes the application full of bugs. Thus, iOS is still favorite for free text message, calls, MMS with suggested bugs free application. In other hand Android is also providing apps for these facility but fully risk of security.

Update: Updating is most important factors for use. All users want some new apps instead of running old noisy and boring. iOS developer better in providing these needs by giving nice update every year. Whereas Android developer are little slower in their update process.

Materials Used: Android developers use cheaper materials and lower aesthetic standards and this will be helpful for buyers in price but durability will lesser. In other hand iOS developers produces their phone for high range of cost due to inclusion of costlier materials in their iPhone which results a good quality and high durable phones in market.

Accessibility: Many users discuss that anything iOS developer's products are easier to understand and learn without any need of experience. In other hand, Android developers provide little useful thing in some of their phones and it is very surprising that they are difficult for new users and they don't get their solutions for it too.

Working: Android developers phone are for those peoples who enjoying messing but iOS developers gives such things which are for works in their phone. Thus, iOS developers are good thinkers while bringing phones among users.

Thus, overall we can say that iOS developers are at the top of the peak in comparison with bottom place holder Android developers.

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  1. In any discussion of Android vs. iOS developers, it is essential to leave your personal preference and experience behind you, and hire them based pros and cons of each objectively.

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