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Importance of Rooting Android Smartphone

imagesRooting is nothing rather than getting a step closer to super user access that has a great influence in upcoming technology issue. Many people are in a dilemma whether to Root their Android device or not? As there is always the chance of breaking their customer support yet it’s a wise choice if you are an expert. Rooting an Android phone is like a magic casket that opens the world of opportunity of adding numerous applications that can be availed only by this process. Well now a question may come that how can I root my device and what’s the profit behind it as we all run after a thing that is called profit.

How to Root

Mostly the first question that will come upon your mind is rooting android well all the question, How to guide, everything about Rooting is given in this link so you may follow it to achieve your Goal. Anyway here I am mentioning an easy step that will prove to be more fruitful for you. “One Click Rooting” the link gives a pretty vast description but am telling you an easy process that is to install Super User apk directly and run it, though the process is only valid for Branded Smartphones. With the help of Super user you can easily root any device.

Why Root

Well now you will commonly be filled with a question that why shall I root as it will be of no use? What’s the ultimate profit behind it? Well if your device is rooted you are the admin of the device, you can control it in your way. Do as you wish with it. There will be no one to prevent the edits which you will do.

Advantages of Rooting

After your device is rooted you will be filled with world’s of opportunities. You will be able to avail the facility to install thousands of quality games and applications that requires rooted device, Flashing a rom and updating your device will be like a game of dice. Pre-Installed applications can be easily removed that will enhance your RAM and Memory storage.

Moreover Linking Phone memory with External card will be possible, Ram and Android speed can also be enhanced. There are many apps like Clock work Mod which will help you to flash Custom Rom and you will be able to upgrade your OS though your provider hasn’t gave an Update. Normal speed and frequency of your device can be governed to the extreme level. Chainfire 3d can be used to lower the quality and gives us the possibility to improve performance and play games also it enhances graphics.

Ram Increment is never possible until the device is rooted. There will be thousands of Application available in Play store to help you out with this cause. Also quality videos are there for better explanation.

Disadvantages of Rooting

Where there is an Advantage there is always a disadvantage but to cope with both the things gives us the ultimate joy of success. Dis-Advantages are that your warranty get’s void. You can easily unroot your device and get back your warranty but this feature is only for those devices that don’t have boot loader in it. At any case if your device get’s bricked for improper use. Mostly 99.99% people succeed in rooting safely so don’t worry, only the possibility of risk comes when you don’t follow instruction s properly.


You are one of the luck one as you have everything in this article as it has explained you rooting with two supportive link also showed you world of opportunities with this step. Moreover a detailed and some practicals tutorials are there also for you so I think you won’t be messed up with it. Also if at any point you get troubled then do comment here i will be there to fix you out from the issue.

If you have any questions, please ask below!