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Top 5 Free iPhone Apps for Busy Men

iphone appsWhen life gets stressful, we do tend to have difficulties to multitask - tense working hours, girlfriend moaning about how much less time we spend together, and friends calling you a whipped boyfriend, because you never come out for a drink. But don't let yourself drag down and accept this situation

Here is a list of useful apps, which will relieve you from that stress and make your life easier:


Free (Requires iOS 6 or later)


So your girlfriend calls and asks you when you will pick her up tonight - Upps, how could you forget that, after you had to turn down the last two dinner dates, because of work. Don't worry, make this date a bit more exciting with the Urbanspoon app. Besides listing the best food and dining places around your area - yeah sounds like Yelp-Urbanspoon will suggest you a restaurant, when you shake your phone. Hence, a great way of trying out new dining places and pleasantly surprising your girlfriend with a new and trendy place and keeping this relationship going 😉


Free (Requires iOS 7 or later)


Could it be - you forgot the most respectful day for all mothers? Yeah, Mother's Day was on the 11th of May and you forgot to send your mum a lovely note with a bouquet of beautiful flowers? Keep calm and download the ForgetMeNot app by Floraqueen right now! Never ever forget any of your friends or families again, as the app reminds you via notification days in advance of any special birthday, anniversary, wedding date or publicly known days, such as Mother's or Father's Day. Not only that, the app allows you to buy any bouquet of flowers online and get it delivered to you close or loved ones with one click. No more angry or disappointing phone calls from your Mum or best friend - This app is gold dust!


Free (Requires iOS 7 or later)


Pay Day is weeks away, work is killing you and financially you are hitting rock bottom? Stop your crazy spendings and start organising your finances with Mint. We all know, the busier we get, the more we spend and lose control over our spendings. With this app, you will pin point your spending sprees and have a great overview of your budget, where you will make money decisions you'll feel good about - and I don't mean having a messy one with the boys at the pub!


Free (Requires iOS 6 or later)


It's been quite a heavy night of drinking with your best friends and now it's time to head home. There are three possibilities: Drive home? - Nope, you had a couple too many to drink!
Public Transport? - Yeah, I don't think so! Trying to get home with a bunch of drunkards on the bus.

So there is just one more logical possibility - calling a cab. UBER can help you get a cab instantly, before you can even bother looking for a cab company in your state. UBER connects you with a driver in over 40 cities at the tap of a button, allows you to track it and pay for it via your phone, so you can wake up safe and secure in your own bed.


Free (Requires iOS 7 or later)


We all have that moment, where you want to make a quick note of something, but in the rush of the moment you can't find a piece of paper or a pen.

The clever app Evernote can help you out, allowing you to make notes and save your ideas, making it accessible anywhere from your phone, computer or tablet.

No more tearing out pages or slips of papers from magazines as you can store all those ideas in the app, whilst staying organised and definitely improving your productivity - vital for busy human beings like us. It even allows you to create to-do lists and record voice reminders, which definitely helps you clear your clutter.

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