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The Best Free IPhone Apps of 2013

It goes without saying that there are many iPhone apps that are worth paying for, but there are also as many good ones available for free on the apps store. So, why should you pay for what you can get for free? In this post I've gathered the most popular iPhone apps of 2013 to help you add even more functionality to your devices at no cost. The list contains the best software covering different genres. To find more reviews related to the mobile sphere you may visit

#1 Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Although digital photo editing seems to be a better task for desktops rather than for the mobile devices, Adobe has proven that it's possible to edit photographs on the go effectively using their extra handy iOS application. The app enables you to make light image edits using your iPhone. Available for free.

#2 AirPort Utility

AirPort Utility app

This great Apple-powered tool allows you to manage your AirPort base stations and Wi-Fi connection. Not only this intelligent app represents visually your Wi-Fi network and devices, but it also enables you to change their settings easily (security modes, IPv6 configuration, wireless channels and other advanced features).

#3 Converter Plus

Converter Plus

This super functional application can convert nearly everything dealing with numbers, starting from standard currency converters and finishing with loan-interest figures. It works with units in hundreds of categories, like cooking volumes, length, weight and temperature just to name a few.

#4 Draw Something Free

Draw Something

I bet you've already heard about this app. This is the latest app craze among both Android and iOS users. It's very simple, but very addictive. In fact, this app is a gesture-based drawing competition where you draw an image and send it to your friend to guess what you've drawn. You get the coins for the right answer. Seven billion of drawings have been already created with draw Something Free app.

#5 Dropbox


This good old tool is now available for iOS-powered devices. This smart tool allows you to sync all your files easily. Dropbox allows you to access all your files from any place where the Internet connection is. It offers user-friendly interface and easy uploading. As for me, this is a must have tool :).

#6 ESPN Score Center

ESPN Score Center

This app is a godsend for the avid sport fans. It pulls game data from American football, soccer, basketball, hockey, rugby, cricket and other games to let you check the results quickly and discreetly ;).

#7 Google Search

Google Search iphone

This is probably the most multifunctional iOS app ever. It works as your personal assistant. Not only it performs the function of a powerful search engine, but it also saves your home and work addresses, for example, to help you get to any of them from any place. It also offers handy, customizable alert cards showing the weather forecast, latest sports scores, as well as the freshest news. By the way, you can also create a separate card for the IT News Today web resource to track the latest news in the sphere.

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