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Technology Used With Sony Xperia Z

sony-xperia-zThere are hundreds of new phones that are released on the market every day. One of the outstanding ones is the Xperia Z from Sony. The phone provides amazing features, the main one being its ability to be hardy.

One gadget that has received wide appeal and become part of our lives in just a short period is the mobile phone. There are different types of phones with the latest being smartphones. These phones can do any activity you can think about, from guiding you about the weather condition to even taking high quality videos for any given occasion you have.

With advances in technology, many types of phones have come to the market with a lot of amazing features, but many lack one thing - toughness. Most smartphones can be very delicate which makes them hard to have in extreme weather conditions. Have you ever wished to have a phone that is able to withstand every fall, knock and bump that can occur?

Enter the Sony Xperia Z

Due to the demands from the market for a tough phone, Sony Corporation came up with the Sony Xperia Z that is a high-end phone that is as tough as they can come. The phone sports a shatterproof cover on the front and the back provided by Gorilla glass on the back and Dragon tail on the front part. Let us look at some of the features that make this phone unique.

Features of the Sony Xperia Z

File Transfer
Your Xperia Z comes preloaded with the PC Companion, which is a program that allows you to transfer pictures, videos and other types of data to or from your phone effortlessly. You can also get the contacts from your old phone to the new one easily using this software.

Near Field Communication (NFC)
The Xperia Z uses NFC technology to help you exchange data more easily and faster. You can now exchange your music, contacts, pictures, and videos with your friends. To make sure this works, however, your friends also need to have the same technology installed on their phones.

You can also link your phone to other devices through tethering. The phone comes with Link software that has already been pre-installed to allow you to connect to other smartphones or tablets. The application is easy use.

Manage Your Applications Easier
Managing your installed applications is now easier with Xperia Z. The app window will allow you to choose from different options including alphabetical listing, recently used, most used, recently used, or come up with your own listing. This makes access to your apps faster and easier.

Manage Your Battery life
The size of the screen usually plays a big role when it comes to how long your battery will last. With a 5-inch screen, this phone comes with different settings to help you manage your battery. You can decide to come up with a predefined time when your phone sleeps so that you can save on power.

There are several utilities that you can use to make your phone's battery last longer. One of them is the Bravia Optimizer that can help you adjust or disable the screen lighting. You can also use the Stamina mode that will enable you to turn off some applications such as Bluetooth when the battery goes below a certain mark let us say 20%.

Capture High Quality Pictures
One thing that defines mobile phones today is the quality of images produced. The Sony Xperia Z comes with auto-focus and anti-shake technology that will help you capture those important moments in a quality way. With the incorporated Sports scene and Burst mode, you are now better placed to capture multiple shots very fast. You can use the Sports mode to capture events that are happening at high speed. With this phone, low light is a thing of the past, because you can now use the light metering tools to help you capture clear images in poor visibility.

Automated Actions
It would be very inconveniencing if you have to do the same things repeatedly. This concept made Sony come up with the Smart Connect feature that can help you automate your actions. All you need is to configure some setting that will make sure that the programs automatically start when the scheduled time comes.

What Features Make The Sony Xperia Z Tough?

The Body of the Phone
Many companies have tried to come up with a phone that can withstand tough handling but none can compare to this the Sony Xperia. The body of this phone is made from a polyamide of glass-fiber. If you are knowledgeable about the motor vehicle industry, then you know that this is the material that is used in car manufacturing to replace metal. The features that make it ideal in making phones the lightweight and hardy nature of the material.

Waterproofing and Dust Resistance
How would you love to have a phone that can fall into a tub of water and come out unscathed even if it has been immersed for 10 minutes or more? Well, the Xperia Z is waterproof, coming with rubber caps that protect the connectors that come attached on the external casing. You can immerse it into water as deep as 1 meter for 30 minutes without fearing that it will be spoilt. The level of water resistance has been rated at IPX5/7. The phone can also resist dust up to a level of IPX5.

To cap it all, the phone comes with advanced features that come up with a top-notch display, latest operating system and an attractive design to make it very appealing. The phone also comes in at 7.9mm thin, which makes it portable and comfortable to hold. The 5-inch screen comes with a screen resolution of 1080×1920 with a 441-ppi pixel density to boot. With android 4.1 Jelly Bean as its platform, 2 GB RAM and Snapdragon S4 Pro, Sony has brought to you a device whose performance and toughness cannot be unrivalled.

Sony xperia z phone is one that you will love and get attached to. How best can you make it last longer even though it is tough? Well, you can add to its protection by getting a screen guard or a phone case from a reputable dealer like, Amazon is just one among the many websites that offer you these accessories to guard your phone.

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