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5 Smartphone Expenses You Can Avoid

There are smartphones, and there are accessories. Ever since the advent of mobile phones, the market for accessories has expanded by leaps and bounds. The sales of phone accessories fetch huge profits, given their range of utility. Mobile paraphernalia are largely usage-specific. For example, you have mobile phone car mounts to enable you to stay connected while you are driving. In addition, you have Bluetooth headsets that enable you to talk on the phone during your jog session.

However, we tend to get carried away by the hype surrounding these items. As a result, we splurge our hard-earned funds on things that we can make ourselves with reusable articles available in our homes. Retailers smartly tap into your fascination for these trendy items, but it’s important for you to understand that mobile phone accessories only add heavily to your expenses.

Here are 5 ways you can resist your temptation to make unnecessary purchases.

1) Virtual Reality (VR) Box

The Google Cardboard is a rage among VR enthusiasts, and a large number of smartphone users order this product online. The VR box is an improvised version of the Google Cardboard that offers a more enriching experience. However, you can create your own VR box or Google Cardboard with reusable household materials. Google Cardboard templates are available online. Download this template and take a printout. Now cut out parts on a cardboard relevant to the printout with the help of razors, scissors, and rulers. Prepare your VR box using glue, copper tape, and Velcro. Purchase a pair of aspheric lenses and insert them in the appropriate slots. Why pay additional shipping charges for an online purchase when you can create something of your own? This is one way you can explore your “crafty” side.

2) Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are in vogue. This invention indicates how much manufacturers and retailers “care” about our narcissistic needs. No offense intended. However, we are guilty of wasting money on items that add no value to our lives. If you ever feel the urge to photograph yourself and your family at an appropriate angle, look around. You will find a mop, a hockey stick, tree branches, and many other items that can be used to position your smartphone.

3) Charging Stand

This is one accessory that can be created by the simplest methods. Scan your bathroom. Your tissue roll cardboard can turn into a charging stand for you. Measure the dimensions of your phone and cut out a proportional slot from this cardboard. Place your phone in this slot. Still feel the need to spend on a stand for your phone? Think twice.

4) Protective Cases

Fond of Minions or Harry Potter? Merchandizing is a trend that has been successful in attracting customers since the days of Star Trek. Any item that bears an image of a popular movie or cartoon characters is sure to attract customers, which eventually translates into profits for retailers. Phone cases with a variety of designs are available in the market. Phone socks as protective cases are also catching on. If you wish to buy these socks, stop for a while. You may have old, unused socks that are vying for your attention. Use these socks as protective cases for your phone, instead of buying an all-new one.

5) Stylus

A stylus enables you to doodle on your phone when you are stuck at a seminar that is of least interest to you. If you are a compulsive shopper, even a stylus wriggles its way into your long shopping list. We are all guided by will. Therefore, we are capable of directing our attention to more useful items, if we resolve to save money. Pick a thin metal tube and attach a sponge to one of its ends. Your stylus is ready. The sponge would serve a dual purpose by cleaning your screen.


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