Difference between Rechargeable and Disposable Vaporizers

You might have read lots of stuff online talking about the pro's and con's of both disposable and rechargeable vaporizers but in this post we are going to reveal more than just a difference. First of all we would look at the design and nature of both type of vaporizers and this will help you to determine what suits your vaping needs.

pic1Disposable vaporizers are designed for the beginners and they are priced lower than rechargeable vaporizers. Basically disposable vaporizers offer you the same delight as rechargeable ones but they are limited in number of puffs. Normally one disposable E-Cigarette offers you 80-150 puffs which is enough for you to smoke for the whole of the week but once you reach the mentioned limit, the taste of the cigarette would start vanishing. If you are a beginner in e-smoking then you would have to spend dollars in buying different flavors of vaporizers to adjust yourself with one.

pic2Once you reach the given limit of the puffs offered by the company, you start losing the genuine taste and your disposable vaporizer gets ready to be disposed. They are largely preferred by the beginners because they can spend less and enjoy the real taste. This also helps them in determining that whether they should spend some amount over the purchase of rechargeable vaporizers or this is just the end of their try. Disposable vaporizers are normally available in one piece packs because mostly smokers buy them for one time enjoyment.

While on the other hand, rechargeable vaporizers are preferred by more senior smokers. They love to keep their taste intact while keeping their vaporizer same. Rechargeable vaporizers are attractive for their life time. They can be used with thousands of new flavors and taste and they offer many saving packages as well. It is pretty obvious that you are going to save a lot when you don't have to buy a vaporizer every time. Rechargeable vaporizers can be recharged and reused many times. All you have to do with them is to buy different flavored cartridges and install one of your choice and vape it out.

pic3Rechargeable vaporizers are a bit expensive when you buy for the first time but after that they will reduce your smoking related costs because you just have to buy the cartridges and nothing else. Rechargeable vaporizers have a small built-in battery installed inside them which enables you to enjoy the flavored puffs for a longer time and recharge it whenever the battery is already drained.

Rechargeable vaporizers are available in bundle packages which come along with a rechargeable vaporizer (sometimes more than one battery), a usb charger and 5 or 6 different flavors of re-fillers. You can enjoy any of them by just replacing one with other and take the same luxurious joy of vaping. It is always wise to buy rechargeable vaporizers in bundle package because this way you would be saving extra money over your daily routine purchases.

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