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Cool Gadgets for Apple Devices

Although there are many device manufacturers like HP, Dell, and Microsoft, Apple has managed to stay ahead of the competition through sheer brilliance on the part of its creative designers and the quality team. This has created a high demand and popularity for Apple devices. Consequently, there are a number of cool gadgets available for Apple devices as well. Here's a glimpse into the type of accessories you can get for your Apple devices.



Do you want a fish-eye, wide angle and macro lens with your iPhone's camera to increase the range of pictures it can click? Look no further than the Olloclip, a simple clip-on device that will give your iPhone's camera the capability of all the aforementioned lenses. The clip-on device is also very small and fits easily in the palm of your hand or in your pocket to carry around.

ZAGG Keyboard Case

ZAGG Keyboard Case

Although the iPad was meant to be a touchscreen device, some people like to use it as a computer. For all of you who belong to that group, the keyboard case from ZAGG is the best option. What's different about this case is that the keyboard feels like the one you find on Apple's laptops, which is smooth and incredibly responsive. To add to that, you have an aluminum case that will enclose your iPad when closed. This will protect your iPad from damage in case you accidentally drop it.

Parrot AR Drone


Do you like the wireless spy drones with cameras that can be accessed from your iPhone, like in Hollywood movies? Well, you can have that with the Parrot AR Drone. This cool drone can fly to reasonable heights and it also has an on-board camera that can transmit images to your iPhone wirelessly. Cool, right? That's not it. There are several mods and games that Parrot has come up with and you can play them using the AR Drone. So, you will not have to deal with the lack of ideas on how you can use your drone.

BookBook Case


If you are one of those people who like the look of carrying around an ancient book rather than a sleek Apple MacBook, the BookBook case is an accessory you will love. With exteriors designed to look like an old book and the soft, silky padding that will protect your precious Apple device, this case is worth every penny you pay for it.

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