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Unusual Accessories for Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are very popular, it goes without saying. Everyone has one, or is intending to buy one. In the USA, there are around 94 phones per 100 citizens, a number which will only increase. Besides owning a bumper, or a protective screen protector, there are some other, more unusual accessories that will enhance some of the features of your phone. Because mobile phones are so important, we have created a small list of things that every mobile user should own, or at least think about owning:

Portable battery

Mobile phones have one big flaw. Because of their design, and because of their display size, they are draining batteries like crazy. Rarely a day goes by that you do not have to charge your phone. Surfing the internet and checking emails drains a lot of battery, especially if the reception signal is weak. That is why you should own a portable battery. They are designed in such a way as to offer one or more charges, and they are always ready for use. This is really important if you have to go on a business trip, and you are going to be stuck in a bus or a car for a longer period of time. You will never have to miss that important call or SMS again.


We collect all our music on our mobile phones and over time, we create quite a big collection there. And we do not only want to able to enjoy that music all the time, but we sometimes have the need to share it with our friends. That is why it is nice to have a set of speakers that are mobile-phone friendly. It means that they could have an internal battery so you could easily pack them and bring them when you are going on a picnic with friends, or going to the beach. You can and will bring your whole party with you. Then, you can play some music, and have access to your favorite songs wherever you are.

Signal booster

Another problem with some phones is that they cannot receive the network signal properly, or they have troubles doing so in offices, or some enclosed spaces. Even when traveling on the open road, it can frequently happen that your phone experiences network issues, you are losing signal, or experiencing dropped calls. Signal boosters (or amplifiers) are designed to amplify a weak signal, and give you the opportunity to finish whatever business you have, without being interrupted. Not only are there models available for cars, but also, you can have them installed in your apartment, or your office.


These are the accessories that we recommend. With them, your phone will serve you even better. With a portable battery you can charge your mobile phone whenever you have the need to, and your phone's battery will last longer. Speakers can help you listen to your favorite music wherever you are, and a signal booster will improve the quality of your calls, especially if you are traveling, or visiting the countryside. All of these could come in handy so you should start thinking about buying them right now.

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