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iPhone Users can finally use WhatsApp on the Web

whatsapp-webApple has always been known to be tough on its guidelines and rules and does not allow any app publisher to tweak with their settings. A stringent set of guidelines kept WhatsApp for Web away from the iPhone users as Apple did not allow them to login on the PCs and use WhatsApp that is associated on their iPhones.However, much to the respite of the users, WhatsApp for Web has finally been allowed for Apple iPhones and the users are pretty much excited about it. As per the reports of an iPhone App Development Company, the number of iPhone users were decreasing in the States because of the higher degree of freedom offered by rival operating systems. Moreover, the app developers also prefer Android over iOS as the development criteria and the scope for customization is very high when it comes to Android.The ill effects of such strict guidelines were being felt by Apple and the decision to allow WhatsApp for Web for the iPhone users is a clear indication that Apple wants to give more freedom to the users and ensure that the Apple users remain loyal to them.

How does WhatsApp for Web work?

WhatsApp for Web allows a user to use WhatsApp on their laptops or desktops. The feature is available in the phone app and one needs to scan a QR code displayed on in order to start syncing their messages with the phone. The messages sent from the PC are delivered to your contacts and the messages received on the mobile device are directly notified to the user on their laptop or desktop.

According to a Mobile App Development Company, the feature of scanning the QR code and attaching the mobile device with the laptop or desktop was not allowed by Apple and thus, the iPhone users did not have this option on their phones. However, in the recent release, the WhatsApp for Web option is coming in their app and the people using an Apple device are also able to access the laptop/desktop variant of WhatsApp.

How is this a big news for iPhone App Development Company Australia, UK, US and India?

The addition of WhatsApp for Web is not a very big thing. However, the fact that Apple us allowing such freedom on their device calls for a lot of attention. Flexible guidelines will ensure that the app development for iOS gets a boost in the near future and more iPhone apps are launched into the market. Thus, the addition of such feature in the Apple devices is symbolic to the fact that Apple wants to give more freedom to their users in order to retain their user base which was being leached away by Android.

It also spells trouble for Android, as the people prefer Android just because of more functionalities offered and if Apple can successfully grant more freedom to their users, then the market for android might suffer.

The situation does spell a win-win situation for the consumers as they will have more choices in the front of them in the near future. WhatsApp is being used by almost more than a billion people in the world, a significant number of those being iPhone users. This added feature will ensure that they can also enjoy the full benefits offered by WhatsApp Inc. and do not need to switch over to any other operating system for more features and freedom.

So, download the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone and start accessing the WhatsApp for Web. Enjoy the cool features offered by WhatsApp and wait for new and improved apps for iPhone as Apple continues to provide more and more freedom to their users.


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