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Connecting Your Smartphone to Printer

People had a hard time printing documents from mobile phones in the past. There were primarily two issues when it comes to printing directly from mobile phones. A couple of years ago, document viewers and editing applications for mobile phones were not good at formatting text. What was viewed on the phone display was different from what was printed on the paper. Often the pages wouldn’t line-up, strange characters in text would appear and text formatting would look completely messed up. The other issue was that, it was hard to connect the mobile device with the printer wirelessly.

This has happily changed because of great advancements in wireless printing technology. The latest printing applications for smart phones are more sophisticated. Most wireless printers available in the market are compatible with smart phones in the market. One can now print anything from their mobile phone from anywhere.

The following are the reasons why you need to consider printing from your mobile phone.

  • Mobile Operating Systemlg-optimus

There are free printing applications for all the top mobile operating systems. Even though you might not find native printing support in your operating system you can easily download third-party applications to accomplish the task. It doesn’t matter what kind of smart phone you use. You can easily download free printing application right from your mobile phone. All the popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry have free mobile printing applications.

  • Bluetooth and WiFi

When it comes to wireless printing, WiFi is one of the most widely used modes of printing. However, it is not the only option to print on your wireless printer. Most wireless printers support Bluetooth-printing-protocol. It is difficult to justify Bluetooth printing when you are printing from your laptop since WiFi has much better range and speed. However, if you don’t have WiFi or if your printer is not equipped with WiFi networking you can easily print through Bluetooth directly from your mobile phone.

The main difference between WiFi printing and Bluetooth is that, the printer and mobile device will communicate one-to-one. You will need to pair your device with your wireless printer before you can print. If your printer doesn’t come with built-in Bluetooth card, you need to check with your dealer or manufacturer because many printers operate with add-on Bluetooth cards which are sold separately.

  • Print anything

With the advent of latest wireless printers and advanced mobile operating systems you can print anything from your mobile phone. Standard document printing is easy and the output is perfect. You can also print photos, magazines, and use your mobile phone for business printing needs like branded stationary, business cards and broachers.

  • Remote printing

This is one of the most intriguing features of printing from your mobile device. Even if you are hundreds of miles away from your printer, you can send files to your laptop or computer in your home and queue them to be printed. This is achieved by using a ‘listening’ software that needs to be installed on your MAC or PC. Your mobile will communicate with your remote computer through the internet and triggers the computer to print on the printer connected physically or wirelessly to the computer. Before you try remote printing, you need to make sure that ink cartridge in your printer is good since you won’t be present near the printer to check the printed papers at once.

If you find yourself printing a lot and if you can’t always run to your computer to print something, connect your mobile phone to your wireless printer right now.

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