5 of The Coolest IoT Products of 2017

The topic of “Internet of things (IoT)” is quite justifiably becoming an integral part of workplace conversation. That’s because the IoT technology is showcasing immense potentials to impact not only how we live but also how we work.

The IoT technology allows objects to be controlled remotely via a wireless network. As a result, more and more regular objects from pillows to T-shirts are getting smarter by the minute; a trend that’s going beyond all beliefs now.


From micro ovens to cars to refrigerators, everything is becoming smarter by the minute; thanks to the wonders of the IoT technology

In here, we’ll take a peek at a few of the coolest IoT products of 2017. So let’s begin without further ado.

  1. Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa


Well, of course, Amazon Dash is not exactly a wand, but it’s the closest that you can get to the real thing (the one that’s used in the Harry Potter universe).

With the help of Dash, you will be able to find recipes, reorder items, find restaurants nearby and do many other things with the mere click of a button (or even through your voice).

When you run out of daily items such as soaps, shampoos, groceries, etc., just use your Dash wand to scan the barcode of the item (you can also use your voice for this purpose). The item will automatically land itself in the Amazon shopping cart without any further ado.

  1. Delphi Connect

Delphi Connect gives you the opportunity to give your vehicle a voice. Yes; you heard it right, I specifically said “voice” and nothing else.

It gives you a brand new way to monitor and troubleshoot your vehicle from the very comfort of your smartphone or computer.

An example working scenario should clear this up:

Got your keys locked in your car? Delphi Connect makes it easy for you to unlock your car from your PC or smartphone at the single touch of a button. It’s like having a second set of keys on you almost all the time. You probably won’t find a better alternative than this.

  1. Zeeq Smart Pillow


Thanks to the IoT technology, your sleep has got even smarter than the way it was before.

The Zeeq smart pillow exhibits a number of features that can alleviate sleeplessness issues in individuals. Some of its unique features include things like:

  • Wireless music (Can act as your lullaby)
  • Sleep analysis (Helps to report the quality of your sleep. If you are suffering from stress-related sleeplessness issues, this report can come in handy for your diagnosis.)
  • Smart alarm
  • Sleep motion (This comes in as a blessing for sleepers having the tendency to snore during their sleep. The pillow would gently vibrate to change their sleep positions without even waking them up.)

Take a peek at this short video to understand its working in greater detail.

  1. The Trakdot luggage tracker

The Trakdot tracker helps to monitor your luggage during your travels.

It usually works in this fashion:

  • You pack your luggage with the tracker.
  • You check-in, grab some refreshments and get on your plane.
  • Upon landing, you switch on your phone and get on the Trakdot app to see whether your luggage has arrived or not. If it hasn’t arrived yet, you can easily arrange for the delivery with the airline representative to your preferred destination.

This short video can explain the working of this tracker in greater detail. Take a peek.


  1. Sensoria T-shirt


The Sensoria T-shirt is made from a special fabric that helps to monitor your heartbeat during any sort of activity.

The T-shirt offers you an accurate heart rate monitoring system without the hassle of wearing a strap. It also has an improved sweat wicking capability that plays a big role in keeping your body dry at the time of intense workout.

For more details, you may refer to this video:

The IoT technology is changing the world for good. But will it really benefit us more in the long run by improving affordability on the whole? Only time will tell.

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