PS4 Headsets Review

The PlayStation 4 is bona fide success, with more than 40 million consoles having been sold around the globe. Clearly, they are doing something right, but if there is one aspect to the unit that warrants an upgrade, it's the headset. Video games have become social engagements, and a quality can go a long way towards enhancing that experience. There are a lot of aftermarket headsets available, and filtering through them all can be a challenge, but the range of selection means there should be something out there for everybody.


Prices can vary widely with aftermarket accessories, and for those who want a quality PS4 headset without breaking the bank, there are some solid options. On the less expensive side is the Sades PS4 Gaming Headset. It has memory foam for enhanced comfort along with an attached mic and standard volume controls. It is wired, and the mic only retracts up, but there is no beating the price. The Tritton Kama is in the same price range, and is specifically built for PlayStation 4, but can be used with PS Vita and mobile devices, along with a mic that is flexible and can be placed wherever you are most comfortable with. The same can be said about the Tritton Kaiken Mono Chat Headset, with the difference simply being that only one ear is covered for those who find that more comfortable.

For those who are comfortable spending a bit more money, Sony offers the PlayStation Gold Wireless headset. Its benefits include 7.1 surround sound and a hidden, noise cancelling mic. It can also be used with the PS3 and comes with a wire that can connect you to Vita or a mobile device. On top of all that, it has a sleek style for those who find that important. The Turtle Beach - Ear Force Stealth 400 Fully Wireless Gaming Headset is in the same price range as the PS Gold, and also has 7.1 surround sound. Aside from that important quality, the Ear Force Stealth's allows customizable levels of bass and treble, volume controls for game audio and chat, and a rechargeable battery with enough juice to last even the longest gaming sessions.

The aforementioned PS4 headsets can each be had for $100 or less, but there are plenty of options available for video game enthusiasts who are willing to pony up for premium quality. Turtle Beach is one of the leaders in aftermarket headsets for a reason, and their top of the line offering for PS4 is the Elite 800 Fully Wireless Gaming Headset. It has DTS 7.1 surround sound, a hidden noise cancelling mic, can be used to listen to music or watch films, and can be placed on a charging stand when not in use. Another premium option is the Astro Gaming A50. This top of the line wireless beast offers comfort to go with its extremely high quality audio that has been raved about enough that many consider it the best headset available. The $300 price tag may be worth it for those who truly want to lose themselves in their gaming adventures.

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