How The Electronic Cigarette Works

Unlike the traditional cigarette that causes the tobacco to burn, the electronic version does not need fire. The smoker breathes in the smoke so that the nicotine can reach the lungs and then the brain. The electronic cigarette does not function using the process of combustion, but instead heats a nicotine liquid that is transformed into vapors. Thus, the smoker actually inhales vaporous nicotine when he inhales.

smoking girlMost people are familiar with the looks and purposes of the electronic cigar, but not all of them know how the gadget works and what it is made of. The modern version of the cigar was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in the year 2000 and since then became very popular.

The four main parts that any electronic cigarette is composed of are as follows:

1. A rechargeable lithium battery

What powers the electronic cigarette is the lithium battery. When on low, it can simply be recharged using a charger that looks and acts like the one used to recharge cell phone batteries when they are dead. A vaporization chamber

Connected to the charged batter is the second element of an electronic cigar that is the vaporization chamber.

2. A cartridge

This particular part of the cigarette is the liquid nicotine is and its tip serves as the electronic cigarette mouthpiece. The inhalation activates the inside atomizer that heats the nicotine liquid and make it into vapor. Exhaling looks very much like the regular cigarette cloud smoke, but is not that dense. Cartridges typically last about as long as a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes. The cartridge needs to be refilled with liquid nicotine when the used one is out. The cartridge can contain nicotine or not, depending on the users preference.

2. The Flame

In the case of electronic cigarettes the flame is actually a light-emitting diode (LED) that light up when the user inhales the vapor, thus looking like a flame. Some e-cigars don’t have this last detail incorporated into their design. As stated previously, the modern cigar does not require the use of direct fire to be light up. Placing it near a fire can damage the device.

Electronic cigars users state that the modern cigarettes can give the same satisfaction as the traditional cigar as the psychological effect is the same. The arm movement and the inhaling of the smoke and the exhaling are practically done the same way as when smoking a traditional cigar. everything remain the same except for the bad smell. This is replaced with an aroma by choice.

3. The trend

The electronic cigarette is becoming more and more popular. one might take the liberty to say that the electronic cigarette is the modern cigarette for the modern man. The users of this innovative gadget have formed a subculture that focuses on style and adapting technology to our every day needs. Most of the smokers love the product because it gives them the liberty to choose form a variety of options both the aroma as well as the design. Also, the smoke released by the electronic cigarette is actually a vapor, and it does not hurt the smokers throat. The electronic cigarette is fun and easy to use, and is more practical and pleasant than the classical one. Some even consider it a must-have when it comes to style and trend.

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The practicality and the aspect of the electronic cigar increase it’s popularity among regular smokers. Smoking has never been so pleasant ever before. Like most modern gadgets the electronic cigar can be custom ordered. Some even have the appearance of a pen while others have various designs and patterns for esthetics.

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