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Trends in Construction: Building the Future

Trends in the building and construction industry have begun to shift over the last few years. While some of these changes are just recently becoming apparent, it’s a good idea to stay aware of which direction they are heading. The industry is likely to follow them through the upcoming seasons. […]

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Tips for Starting a Green Business

Starting a new business is an exciting undertaking, but what do you do if you want to start a business with a focus on being green? People are more conscious of the environment than ever before, and today’s students who come out of an online MBA degree program are looking […]


7 Real Ways Your Home is Making you Kick the Bucket

Is your home slowly killing you? Of course it is—after all, that is what all marketing agents tell you. Acidic water! Formaldehyde in mattresses! Fluoride! Electromagnetic voltage! We are constantly bombarded with dubious fearmongering which aims nothing but to sell us useless products. But that’s not to say your home […]