Residential Solar Energy-Is it Right for Your Home?

Over the last few years, Residential Solar Energy Systems have gained widespread popularity. As a renewable source of energy, solar power guarantees cost protection benefits and ensures that your home is lit at all times, especially if you live in areas where power or electricity cuts are way too often. Today, Solar Photovoltaic or PV systems can ensure a variety of benefits, most importantly the reduction of carbon footprint. And at the same time, it ensures that the excess electricity can be used effectively and you are secure from power disruptions. If you are wondering whether Solar Power Energy is right for your home or not, then here is what you need to know.

A large, south facing Roof
If your roof is facing towards the south, or gets abundance of sunshine throughout the year, then don't worry, a Residential Solar Energy System is always an option for you. PV panels that are oriented towards the south offer more benefits and maximized capacities. Those on the east and west are effective as well.


Better quality of location can ensure that you get the best out of your solar power system For instance, areas that are shaded less or the sections of the roof that are shaded less will provide more effective results. So, if you don't have a lot of shady areas on your roofs, then you can obviously and easily install PV panels.

System Size

Homes with 2500 square feet of space are perfect for installing Residential Solar Energy System. The ones that are larger are even better. With roof size of 800 square feet, you can easily get 4 kW of power in your home (up to 7 kW easily). Similarly, if the roofs are flat and don't have large gables that break up the roofs, then people can easily install PV panels that support 12 kW of solar power.

Sunny Climates

Another factor that should influence your decision is whether you get sunny climate or not. For instance, most of the places close to the equator or towards the plains tend to get more sunshine. This can help in increasing the overall output of electricity.


No fear or heights

Not necessarily a point to consider, unless you are thinking of maintaining PV panels on your own. While they are quite low maintenance, they may require cleaning from dirt and dust. So, if you aren't afraid of heights, then go ahead. Or else, you can always ask your solar company to provide you with hassle free maintenance services.


Most of the solar systems in the market are available for rebates today. And even if they don't, you can easily choose something and the money or investment will repay itself within a few years. All this while, you will also be able to save more on your electricity bills.

So, don't waste time! Get PV Panels installed soon!

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