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Homeowners Going Green: Eco-Friendly Accents for the Home

go-greenMore and more often homeowners are looking at going green, not only as an energy solution but in the products they buy and the lifestyles they lead. If you stop to look around you, it is probably quite obvious that much of what you see was manufactured with synthetics or as the result of deforestation. Here are some innovative ideas for going green, for eco-friendly accents that make a bold statement. If you are tired of pillaging planet earth, these are your solutions.

Mats & Throw Rugs

There are some really innovative mats and rugs on the market today and you will not need to think about whether or not there are any synthetic fibres involved. One lovely example is a stone mat for the entryway. These are comprised almost totally of stones and they are patched together in remarkable patterns with clay. Throughout the home, there are a number of rugs and mats that are made from 100% organic fibres, the current trend is towards bamboo. It is totally biodegradable and will do no harm when it has served its purpose.

Vases and Table Décor

Instead of buying plastic fruits and flowers for your centrepiece, have you considered maybe keeping a fresh supply of real fruits and flowers? If you don't like the idea of cut flowers, a nice potted plant would do well. Fruits which don't get eaten quickly enough can be made into fruit breads, pies or as a garnish on a dinner plate. Vases and table décor made from such things as clay do little harm to the environment so they, as well, would be a better choice than plastic.

Exploring the World of Bamboo

As mentioned above, bamboo has found its place in the world of fabric. Now it is possible to find everything from clothing to towels and bed linens made completely from bamboo fibre. Some shops have even begun carrying luxury bamboo cover sets to be placed on quilts and bedspreads for both protection and design. If you haven't had the pleasure of wearing anything made from bamboo, this would be a good place to start. As a duvet cover it is an ideal fibre as it is soft and easy to care for.

If All Else Fails - Recycled Plastic

If you have trouble finding things that are 100% natural, there is always the option to find things made from recycled plastic. After all, it was already made so why not continue to recycle so that no additional harm is being perpetrated on the ecology? Many trendy shops do advertise that they only sell products made from recycled materials and that is because they are doing their part to ensure a green earth for generations to come.

These are just a few examples of how easy it is to go green when accenting the home. With a little bit of research and some creativity, you can find a great number of ways to reduce your carbon footprint whilst decorating your home as a showpiece. From bamboo table linens to stone door mats, there are a million and one ways to go green.

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