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WinX DVD Copy Pro – Review

Since their introduction, DVDs have enabled us to enjoy movies from various angles. Not only did they make it possible to enjoy high-quality movies at the comfort of our homes, but also they enabled us to interact with movies through menus, subtitles, and various audio preferences. Moreover, they came bundled with more material about movies like the director’s cut, cut scenes, and other interesting content that amplified the whole experience of watching a movie.

However, in as much as DVDs are versatile, they are also vulnerable and subject to the forces of nature and people who don’t watch where they sit. If you are crazy about your collection of rare and valuable DVDs that you would like to have them for as long as you need them, then you’ll find WinX DVD Copy Pro a valuable tool.

Your One-Stop-App for DVDs

If there was one software you’ll ever need to manage your DVD collection – things like making backups, preserving DVDs with scratches, or burning – it would be WinX DVD Copy Pro.

The software is very simple and intuitive to use that you don’t need a manual to know where to begin. Even a 11-year old can open it and figure out how to make a backup of an original Disney animation on DVD.

That ease of use makes it possible for you to take advantage of the software’s powerful features like:

  • Copying from DVD to DVD
  • Creating an ISO file from your DVD – a powerful feature that not only enables you to create digital backups of your favorite DVDs for later use, but it’s also one of the surest ways of preserving DVDs for the longest time. Using this technique, you can save so many DVDs on your hard drive or SSD as these devices often have immense storage capacities.
  • Mounting ISO files – there’s no point in making ISO files if you can’t mount them; therefore, this DVD copy software makes it possible for you to both create and manipulate them.
  • DVD Burner – It’s useful to be able to both copy and burn DVDs, as you’ll naturally want to do this.
  • Copying from DVD to MPEG2
  • Access to all region codes as well as read-only DVDs
  • Scratched DVDs are not an issue for WinX DVD Copy Pro

And this software is exceptional in that it can effortlessly deal with Sony ARccOS bad sector and Disney’s Fake challenges that people often confront when handling DVDs of this nature.

If those are not cool enough features, WinX DVD Copy Pro guarantees to output 100% original-quality-copies of your DVDs by employing sector-by-sector disc duplication technology.

Mind you, it is the fastest DVD management software around. While maintaining the excellent quality of your DVDs, the software will back up your DVDs within 12-17 minutes.

If you have tried other DVD management software, you may have noticed that they eat up your computer resources like the CPU, making it difficult for you to do other tasks. Things are different with WinX DVD Copy Pro since the app can do all the amazing things highlighted above while consuming roughly 1% of your CPU power. You won’t even notice a thing.

WinX DVD Copy Pro has been optimized to tackle all your DVD needs effectively. DVDs have been around for a while but their usefulness is still valid. Most DVD lovers will agree that some content about their favorite movies and directors can be found only on DVDs. Trilogies, sequels, movie franchises, and various movie collections are only available on DVD. If you understand the love for DVDs, this software will prove invaluable.

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