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TripLog mileage reimbursement app

TripLog is designed with your taxes in mind. Our reports were taken straight from the tax forms so your accountant will be sure to love them.

*Simple cents-per-mile reimbursement is just one of the mileage programs we offer at TripLog. We specialize in all IRS compliant mileage programs including Car Allowance, Smart Mileage Rate, Fuel Cards, and Fixed and Variable Rates.


Make life easier with more Auto Start options

We believe one solution does not fit all. That’s why we developed more than six different mileage tracking options for you to choose between. From set-and-forget options like Magic Trip™ to tracking with our newly released TripLog Beacon, it’s easy to find an option that fits your needs.

Daily Trip Journey, it just makes sense

Looking at your trips one at a time can be exhausting. That’s why we developed our Daily Trip Journey view on iPhone and Android to help you see your trips for each day, together. Now you can easily classify your daily trips and name common locations with just the touch of a button.

Look at the Big Picture with Daily Map View on Android and iPhone

Why limit yourself to a traditional text-based trip overview? With the Daily Map View, you can look at your driving route for the entire day and swipe through the trip cards to review them. When you stick your trips together on a map, you get to see the big picture of your travel journal.


Receipt photos, filing with confidence

TripLog not only tracks car mileage, it also tracks business income and expenses. Simply snap a photo of your receipt and you’ll be ready for tax time. TripLog’s expense tracking allows you to categorize your transactions, giving you a complete picture of your bottomline.

Manage all your clients mileage data in one place

Generate IRS/CRA/HMRC compliant reports

Integrate with QuickBooks and FreshBooks

Free for accountants and bookkeepers, only pay for clients

Increase service value by offering TripLog to clients through you

  1. Mileage Capture

Capturing vehicle mileage has never been simpler. TripLog offers your clients a multitude of mileage tracking options that best suit their needs with ease of use.

  1. Accounting Software

Seamless integration with the world’s most popular accounting software allows you to effortlessly transfer data. Save countless manual entry and potential errors.

QuickBooks FreshBooks Xero

  1. Web Dashboard

Managing clients through a single portal is a must when dealing with multiple clients. Be able to request and access mileage data fast and easy with TripLog web portal.


  1. Record trips

Clients use TripLog app to manually or automatically track mileage.

  1. TripLog data access

Accountants use TripLog web portal to access clients’ mileage data.

  1. Upload to QuickBooks

Accountants use TripLog web portal to upload clients’ mileage to QBO.

  1. QuickBooks access

Accountants log in to QuickBooks to finish their work.


Value-added offerings

Not only accountants and bookkeepers can access their clients’ mileage data in one place, they can choose to pay for their TripLog accounts or let clients pay by themselves. This gives you the flexibility of offering value-added services to your clients, and managing your bills with ease.

Feature List

Reimbursement Solutions

Personal cars, company cars, fuel cards, we cover them all. Daily commute mileage, Google Maps distance, lock down users, and so many more.

Address Book

Upload a predefined list of addresses and share across the entire company. New visits can also be shared automatically, excluding employees’ home addresses.

System Integrations

Trips captured by TripLog can be directly uploaded to Concur or QuickBooks Online, or any other systems using our industry standard web API.

Approval Management

Multi-level approver chain, out-of-office/alternative submission, department/office grouping, approver and accountant roles.

Real-time Location Tracking

Place all the drivers on a map at the same time. Track their driving route in real time with auto refresh. Optionally, load a list of destinations to see how close they are.

Automatic Tracking Options

From set-and-forget options like MagicTrip™ to tracking with our newly released TripLog Beacon, it’s easy to find an option that fits your all your needs.

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