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INinbox Review: A Tool for Email Marketing

Email marketing had become one of the most efficient ways to generate the traffic on website and make a new clientele through the email. It is also a great process to promote your affiliate links, website articles, your products, or any other service. People are using different types of tools to do email marketing. You might be thinking to use your email id and send the emails promoting your products to your users and clients. But, this is not possible for you to handle this task quickly and individually. It is always better to use email marketing tool to do so. One of such tools is INinbox. Let's us have a close look over it.

What is INinbox?

This is a good marketing tools available on the Internet and comes with different innovative features. Some of these features are not available in many other email marketing tools. INinbox was initially founded by Tim Bekker and is partnered by Magento email marketing extension. Now, INinbox had finished new real time integration with woobox. Woobox is a great support tool added to INinbox interface.

INinbox knows the most effective strategies to run the email marketing campaigns and helps the new blogger or company in email marketing campaigns effectively. It has got simple interface and you can attract number of people towards your service or blog. You can pick your own template add images, add text, and design the mail in your own way. Then you can send it to all the subscribers and be ready for the boom. The best part is that you can send your affiliate marketing links through it.

Features of INinbox

It has got the marvelous contact management system. You are allowed to create the lists, choose the group of the people, and even do much more. Some other great features offered by are- free email templates, tracking analysis, auto responders, team management, email deliverability, solid email creator, message modifications, sales conversion tracking, sending newsletters, and much more. Some of its top features are discussed here.

  • Broadcast & Auto Responders: You can schedule the emails for future and can even automate the emails to be sent to a big list at once. You can choose the custom templates and your own email design to send these mails. And connect them to auto responder system.

  • One-Click Duplication: You can renew the sent mails quickly. The bounce backs and new subscribers can be updated using One-Click Duplication feature.
  • Easy HTML Message Editor: You can edit the custom made template in your own way and adjust the text according to your choice.
  • Professional HTML templates: You get number of custom designed email templates to create your mails in an attractive manner. There are number of HTML templates to choose from.
  • Email Tracking Analysis: You will get the report instantly for the delivery of email. You can collect the subscriber's activity data like clicks, views, opens, forwards, and even the bounces. This will help you out in managing your performance. You will be assured with 99% of email delivery to the subscribers in the mail list for your email marketing campaign.

  • Team Management: This is one of the most versatile features of INinbox. You can choose the team members in your INinbox account and manage them effectively.

How INinbox and Woobox work Together

You just need to connect Woobox with INinbox and this will sync your contacts to INinbox email list of your choice in real time. You can then send the newsletters to the email list manually or automatically. Woobox also helps in creating the social promotions for different kinds of business. You can add polls, sweepstakes, contests, and coupons to get more deals. You can use all types of social media to increase your fanbase and subscribers.

INinbox Offer Plans

It offers you different plans starting from paid ones to free ones. There are basically four types of plans available with INinbox namely- Free Box, Big Box, Sky Box, and Unlimited Box. You will be getting 2000 contacts and 20000 emails for free. Then the there is increase in number of contacts and price with every plan. The Unlimited Box plan with provide your unlimited contacts and unlimited emails every month for $1000.

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