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Kidgy App Review

Kids rather play on the smartphones and on the Internet than go outside these days. Besides being a powerful tool for searching any kind of information in general, the Internet brings negative outcomes, especially when it comes down to kids. Of course, the Internet has its pitfalls which every parent must be aware of.


Experts affirm that today more than ever parents need a reliable assistant which can help them monitor their kids’ online activity remotely and, thus, protect them from any kind of dangers online. This is why most of them recommend using a digital assistant Kidgy app.

The app, being available for both Android and iOS phones (at GooglePlay and AppStore), literally brings your kid’s online activity into your hands. In a real world, the parents hold the kid’s hand to help them walk. In a virtual life, where kids spend lots of time, parents need to do the same. So Kidgy is a sort of a digital hand for digital parents to help their kids take the most of the Internet use.

Kidgy has amazing features to help you have a complete understanding of your kid’s online surfing and smartphone’s usage.

SMS monitoring:

This feature enables you to monitor all the incoming and outgoing texts (even the deleted ones). You receive not just the overview, but the detailed content of the messages along with the timestamps. This information is delivered to your phone.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing:

You can worry less about the whereabouts of your kid once you have this feature enabled. This lets you know the exact location of your kid anytime and anywhere. There is also an awesome new feature called “Geofencing”: you can set up safe zones and dangerous zones online on the map and you can be notified once your kid leaves the safe zone or enters a dangerous one.
Panic button:

In case, your kid gets into some trouble where they can’t call or text you directly but want to inform you somehow about their situation, they can tap a Panic button. Once it is tapped, you get an immediate alert message with the details of your kid’s location and the time it was sent.

Internet filter

Internet’s content is a well with a good and a bad stuff. It’s not filtered or censored as much as parents want it to be. So how do you make sure that your kid is not exposed to something they are not supposed to see?

Kidgy allows you to block inappropriate content from different websites and also blacklist certain websites you wish your kids not to access. Kidgy also sends right to your phone the list of all the websites your kid hits, so you can supervise them with ease.

Monitor Call Logs

Kidgy helps you keep track of people your kid is in touch with. It sends you the list of incoming and outgoing calls including the deleted ones along with the duration of each call. So you’re aware of what kind of people your kid communicates with.

Monitor Apps

You can blacklist certain apps that you deem harmful for your kid. It also lists the apps that your kid has installed and the frequency of usage. You can keep track of how much time your kid spends on playing games or using a certain app.

A parent can also set a study time, wherein a kid won’t be able to access certain distracting apps like Facebook or Instagram during that particular time restriction.

Be an active parent and give it a try to have more free time for family get-togethers and entertaining. Kidgy is a new app in the market with a determined vision to help digital parents in grooming their digital kids responsibly.

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