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Website-solution.net – Hosting Solution Review

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Are you spending too much time looking for a corrupted folder or file? It is sure to moist your eyes after spending and so ensures such a thing never repeats. The next time you consider web hosting, consider the right sources and get to work. Look for web hosting companies featuring:

– Level up resources such as memory, CPU, entry processes, etc.

– Daily automatic backup

– Industry standard security. For example, Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS, e.g. Snort, Suricata), Web Application Firewall (e.g. ModSecurity), so that it can significantly reduce your website security threats

Without web hosting, your website cannot be seen and to get online, you must consider a proper web hosting company with a domain name to upload contents. Ensure the hosting provider offers generous bandwidth, storage, on-the-fly resource upgrades, easy and security monitoring 24/7.

Website Solution Limited, located in Hong Kong S.A.R, is an OFCA-licensed web hosting company. They provide:

– Web hosting Linux based and our servers are in Hong Kong, near China.

– VPS, FTP hosting internet services.

– SmarterMail email hosting offering file storage, secure email, sharing and team workspaces.

– Domain registrations with .hk, .com, .org, .net, .asia, .info, .in, …..

Each Linux web hosting package includes

– Support PHP 7, MariaDB database
– Easy setup email
– Free applications featuring installing on your website more than 125 applications in a click.
– Daily backup, with 5 days retention
– Support Let’s Encrypt free automated SSL, which improves your website SEO
– Snort NIDS, ModSecurity protects your website round-the-clock.
Control Panel that allows accessing the settings and hosting features required, and it supports Two factor authentication (2FA) control panel login, which protects you against brute force attack prevention.

SmarterMail email hosting

There are free email hosting services in many numbers, but it is difficult to find a perfect service.

Website Solution Limited offers a reliable, advertisement-free email hosting.

They are ready to support you, regardless of whether you know to manage email, tasks, appointments or calendars. They offer the SmarterMail email server featuring the Groupware eMail Platform that will basically manage your platform with co-workers and office, and also your run with the family.

The SmarterMail email server is designed with easy to use applications and you can stay in sync and touch with:

– Shareable calendars, tasks, contacts, and notes

– Advertisement free, spam free and virus free email

– Secure server access everywhere

– Sync with renowned smartphones

– Your domain name for private emails
– File storage

– Advanced email features (customize-able email rule)
– Simple, powerful web-based administration

SmarterMail is one of the best email server platform to suit everyone.

This allows accessing your calendars, email, tasks, contacts, and notes in the office, on road, phone, at home or anywhere with the internet connection. SmarterMail’s interface combines a user-friendly, powerful layout with full functionality of a desktop program. This allows you to edit, add, share and manage your emails with ease.

FTP Hosting

FTP hosting allows you to secure the file storage for data online and you can exchange and share data with clients and colleagues. FTP hosting services include an online full control panel providing isolated and secure access to online data. You can now distribute, share and store within your company, customers, and branches.

FTP Hosting features include:

– Same day setup and you get to work right away.

– Storage capacity starts from 5GB.

– Cloud-based Internet ensuring worldwide access.

– Welcome messages and brand-able login screen to users so that they identify your company brand easily.

– Download and upload of files using HTTP and HTTPS, FTP and SFTP File Transfer.

– Complete administration panel managing access of users and offering a host of features and options.

– Storage is virus scanned and the storage devices are scanned.

– Email and Telephone support.

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To know more in depth about their services and web hosting packages, contact them at Website Solution Limited for further information.

If you have any questions, please ask below!