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Bitraser File Eraser Software Review

Sometimes you need your content to be entirely removed from your computer, with no chance of recovery, even by advanced, military-grade techniques. May you know, or maybe not, but when you remove something from your computer and trash it to the recycle bin, the content doesn’t actually get erased from the disk. It is only marked as space available for writing. In such a case, that so-called deleted content can be easily retrieved. But you don’t want it. What can you do in such a case, though? Well, the easiest solution is to use an erasure tool which will ensure the content that you removed is permanently destroyed, with no chance of recovery by any data recovery software.

In the following rows, we are going to introduce such a tool. It is called BitRaser File Eraser Software, brought to you by Stellarinfo.com.

BitRaser File Eraser is an advanced data erasure software which can perform permanent erasure of any kind of content stored on disk partitions, files, or even browser navigation history. By using 17 data erasure standards such as HMG IS5, NATO, GOST-R, etc., the tool allows individuals and organizations to permanently remove sensitive data from their systems (desktop computers, laptops, or servers) in order to avoid any kind of misuse, beyond recovery.

Main features

Permanent file erasure

As mentioned earlier, BitRaser File Eraser, allows companies and individuals to permanently remove the content from their systems, beyond recovery. In other words, storage devices get shredded and the content cannot be retrieved with any recovery software available on the market.

Internet history removal

The software can destroy browsing history in popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Chat history removal

BitRaser File Eraser allows for permanent chat history removal in Skype or ICQ, making impossible any retrieval attempts by third-party software.

Individual files erasure

Users can look for specific files that need to be deleted, by providing a list with the search results. The search can be done by file name, file extension, and sorted in various ways.


The tool generates reports on demand, after each erasure process in .pdf format.

Scheduled tasks

BitRaser File Eraser allows setting the time for the next erasure process. Such a task can be scheduled to run daily, monthly, at boot, or at specific times.

Password protection

BitRaser File Eraser is password-protected, thus preventing unauthorized users from using the software and erasing content.

BitRaser File Eraser abilities

BitRaser File Eraser can remove the following content: unused disk space, entire drives, Internet browsing history and activity, system traces.

Unused disk space is that space on the disk which is either free or populated with deleted content and marked as available for writing. The tool allows permanent erasure of this disk space or even the entire drive, should you want a full clean up and permanent erasure of the disk.

The internet activity refers to cookies, cached files, browsing history, autocompleted passwords, and forms. BitRaser File Eraser can permanently remove all these.

System activities are the most recent actions performed on a computer such as the most recent files, written or opened files, etc. BitRaser File Eraser can erase all those traces and maintain confidentiality.


All in all, after testing the software the results were more than satisfactory, the process ran quickly and straightforward, and any attempts of recovering erased content were unsuccessful, which means BitRaser File Eraser did its job!

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