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How to Craft a Professional LinkedIn Profile in 2023

Many businessmen and employees need a perfectly created LinkedIn profile to build their network but everyone does not know what to add to a profile and what to cut down. Here is a guide to writing a perfect LinkedIn profile.

What is the perfect LinkedIn profile? Ideally, it grabs your attention for the right reasons and accomplishes your goals, like expanding your reach, making new connections, or winning a job offer.

It’s impossible to be perfect, but there are ways to make your profile stand out among thousands related to the same field.

  1. Upload a Great Profile Picture

Upload a great profile picture. Profile pictures should be up-to-date with how you look, and your face should take up about 60 percent of the total area, according to an expert marketing manager, his marketing manager at LinkedIn Senior Content. The goal is to make you look the same as you do at work, making it easier for potential contacts who have only met virtually to recognize you from your profile picture.

  1. Add Pronouns

Pronouns are an essential part of the remote and in-person work ecosystem, and adding pronouns upfront can help you avoid any inconvenience later. Combining the best pronouns that fit your identity (including LinkedIn profile pronouns) is always valuable.

  1. Set a Background Photo

In addition to your profile picture, you can set a broader background picture to make yourself look wider. You can add any picture of your choice as your background picture. If you are a writer, you can add a picture in which you are busy writing; if you are a doctor, you can add a picture in which you are examining a patient. A background picture is also very helpful in creating a perfect LinkedIn profile.

  1. Write Good Headlines

Headings can also help increase the impact of your profile. This brief description is often used for job titles, but you can also take it further and add more detail about your current role, what it means to you, or what you’ve accomplished. The headlines should be like “Hard working, goal-oriented, passionate workers who motivate the brands to think outside the box.’

  1. Cut Out Keywords

Self-promotional phrases like this are common on LinkedIn, but they’re superficial at the end of the day. It’s full of catchy words and meaningless phrases and doesn’t show you any real picture of accomplishments or professional connections. Instead, it’s a common repetition of terms that recruiters have seen hundreds of times. It would help if you mentioned all your accomplishments in your professional career.

  1. Tell Your Story

You have a story to tell, and LinkedIn Summary lets you tell it however you want. Also, while some professionals use this to list your current job title or most valuable skills, it’s more about who you are – why you got your current job. Providing information may connect you with potential employers and colleagues. What are you looking for next?

  1. Synchronize Your Profile

It’s also worth synchronizing your profile with your email address book. However, if you use your assigned work email address, make sure you have your company’s permission. This email data allows LinkedIn to recommend contacts with similar interests and provide skill recommendations. And you can see all your connections, so you always have control over who you contact.

  1. Highlight Your Skills

Your skills list is one of the most essential parts of your LinkedIn profile. The platform makes finding and selecting skills matching your experience and expertise easy.

With the sheer amount of skills available on LinkedIn, it’s easy to overdo it and flood your profile with talents that are only slightly relevant to your current or future job. It’s important to highlight your skills and ensure they’re relevant.

  1. Share Relevant Content

When it comes to relevance, profiles don’t exist in isolation. Therefore, including relevant content is valuable. Please share your thought leadership posts or posts from industry influencers as part of your profile page. When potential contacts find and click on great content on your profile, they are more likely to return.

  1. Stay Connected

Staying connected once you’ve set up your profile is also a good idea. Stop by for at least 15 minutes weekly to see what you missed, comment on relevant stories, and reply to messages.


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