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A Guide for Lawyers Using LinkedIn

lawyerWhat better social network for a lawyer than a professional one where both fellow colleagues, referral sources and prospective clients are all brought together in one place. LinkedIn can serve as a powerful tool for attorneys if used correctly. We’ve put together a guide lawyers can follow to maximize the benefits LinkedIn provides for practices.


Search Engine Optimize your profile. This means completely filling out your LinkedIn profile and filling it with the appropriate keywords. Also include a photograph of yourself. LinkedIn may be the first impression you make on your client, one that in this scenario you have absolute control over.


Right below your name on your LinkedIn profile is your headline. Use this opportunity to say what you do, and be sure to do so using keywords people would search when looking for a practice such as yours.


Do not copy paste your bio from your firm’s website into this page, though it may feel like it makes the task of filling out your profile easier. There are several reasons for this. The summary is to inform others of what you currently do, not your entire employment history. You can also use the first person here. As for improving SEO, a unique summary avoids duplicate content which hurts your SEO.


There are a multitude of groups available on LinkedIn. It may be anything from alumni groups from your undergrad or law school to professional legal groups. Regardless, join groups that are relevant to your practice and location in particular. When you are ready, join discussion in these groups. Look for questions that you feel capable and comfortable answering. This provides an opportunity for you to show your expertise in a particular area.

Your Business Page

Create a page for your practice that you and your colleagues can join. You can then upload an image or logo for the firm as well. While doing this keywords are again essential in describing and filling out a company page. A firm’s LinkedIn page can likely show up on a Google search result page. This page will allow users to see the qualifications of you and your staff, as well as the opportunity to connect professionally.

Firm Statuses

Update the company’s status regularly. This way your update can show up on a followers feed on LinkedIn’s site when they’re online, or on their LinkedIn email updates. It also provides the opportunity for your firm to actively engage users instead of remaining stagnant waiting for them to notice you.

Service and Practice

LinkedIn allows you to update your firm’s page with the types of services provided and law practiced. You can provide a short description as well, using keywords, as well as contact information for particular staff members relative to a service or type of law. It offers a way for users to see the range of your services and expertise immediately.


You can follow other past or prospective clients, as well as other groups such as associations, etc. Doing so can allow you to comment and even share their posts when appropriate and legally relevant to your practice.

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