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Advantages of a Facebook Fan Page for Brand Promotion and Business Marketing

facebook fan pageCommunication, marketing and transparency are the three key qualities of a trustworthy business. Business owners should utilize all media (both online and offline) for marketing and customer communication to stay ahead of their competitors. One of the best platforms to connect with the target audience is social media. There are plenty of social media sites like Google+, Twiter and Pinterest but if there is one site that rules above all in terms of popularity, that is Facebook. The world's largest social media site lets you promote your brand across nations.

Every company should create a custom Facebook fan page to connect with the audience. With the help of a fan page, you can promote your brand, increase website traffic and make the corporate website search engine-friendly. Read the following benefits of Facebook fan page to understand its impressive potential.

Always visible: Business page content is visible to non-Facebook members. That means if people find your fan page details in Google search results, they can get information about your company without signing up. However, if they want to "like" your page, then signing up is mandatory.

Unlimited likes: While a normal profile page allows only 5000 friends, your fan page can have infinite number of fans. This is important because number of fans indicate your popularity among consumers. The logic applied by consumers is very simple, "if X company has 500,000 likes, they must have satisfied that many customers and I can trust them."

Keep private your personal life: By creating a fan page, you can keep your personal and professional life separate. Your friends and family members will get text and photos related to your daily life while your fans will get the updates related to your business.

SEO benefits: Fan page content is indexed by search engines and that is great for brand promotion. As a businessman, you will obviously want direct traffic towards your site, but even if your fan page appears on SERPs, interested customers can get all the information about your company from Facebook. In case they decide to buy something, the site URL is available for them on the fan page.

Tagging: Your fans and other fan pages can tag your business page and since you want to show up on as many newsfeeds as possible, this is a great benefit. The tagging feature increases your engagement and fan base.

Facebook Insights: Fan pages come with great analytics tool. You can monitor the amount of views a post receives and monitor your weekly reach with the help of Facebook Insight. This data helps you modify the weak links in your social media marketing and helps you make the marketing campaign more effective.

Custom URL: Fan pages allow you to create a custom URL and as we all know, Google pays attention to the URL to get information about the page it is attached to. Therefore, if you add your company's name at the end of the URL, you can easily make your page visible on SERPs.

Connection to Facebook Places: You can connect your page to a place and as a result, your day and hours of operating will be visible below your cover photo. For example, if your office is located in Penrith, Sydney, you can add the office location and opening-closing time to help customers. While visiting your office, clients can check in from their smartphones and it will work as a digital recommendation among other potential customers.

Business promotion: You can share exclusive news about your products/service with the audience from the fan page to generate hype in the market. For example, film production companies often release the trailers of upcoming films on their fan pages to excite viewers. This results in great ticket sales as soon as the movies hit theaters.

Customer relationship management: Fans will be able to share their feelings by posting on your wall. You may receive negative feedbacks sometimes but if you provide a prompt solution, all the fans will start respecting your brand and you will get hundreds of loyal customers.

Freedom to use apps: You can use Facebook apps to customize your page. For example, you can link Facebook and Twitter business account so that all tweets are automatically posted on the fan page.

Rajveer Singh Rathore is a technological passionate working with SEO First.

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