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2019: Top Must Know Social Media Trends to Come Up With Effective Strategies

Social Media Trends to Come Up With Effective Strategies

However good they might be, trends definitely play a role in deciding whether your strategies will work out well or not. Especially, if they are related to social media. Therefore, it becomes important to know what’s currently going on in the world of social media. In other words, it is essential to be aware of social media trends today. So, let’s have an overview of the social media 2019 trends that will prove to be beneficial for you while setting up a social media strategy for your upcoming endeavors.

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  1. Content performance has turned out to be directly proportional to the engagement metrics

Every 2 out of 3 marketers out there claim that shares, comments, and likes happen to be the engagement metrics that matter the most these days.

Meaningful engagement defined by the marketers appears to focus on the vanity metrics in comments, likes, shares, that show up on a monthly or a weekly social media report. Be that as it may, one cannot make use of engagements to finance payroll. Social media needs to accomplish more than simply help your reporting look good.

We tend to assign different values to things, even as we go about appreciating them. Comment on Facebook could turn out to be more (or less) impactful for a marketer, than a LinkedIn share. It relies upon the objectives associated with a social media strategy, and what results one is trying to achieve.

However, this fact cannot be ignored and has to be kept in mind while coming up with a strategy.

While ‘brand interaction’ is a logical thing as well. Keep your audience sufficiently interested, curious or motivated to initiate an interaction – that can transform into a conversation, in the event your brand is active and ready to engage.

  1. Stories rule social

Social media has been shifting from text-based platforms initially designed for desktops (consider Facebook in early times) to mobile-based networks that empower users to capture in-the-moment encounters—and stories incorporate that transition.

That’s because, stories tend to be instant, real, and have a personal touch.

Also, stories happen to be extremely visual in nature and intended to be created and consumed on the run, with simply a smartphone along with a creative eye. As they’re short-lived—frequently vanishing at the end of the day—there is more scope in terms of experimentation and fun. As far as brands are concerned, this particular trend demands a major transition in focus, in 2019.

  1. More businesses have turned to Twitter, as compared to the other social channels

People tend to go to Twitter when there is something happening – live sports, breaking news, events, etc. It can be considered to be the numero uno source for content that is real-time. Likewise, we take to Twitter, for sharing our service or brand-specific service – mostly to seek help, or to complain to the providers itself.

Twitter is a tailor-made platform for such kind of personalized interactions. Therefore, marketers out there can – and should – make use of Twitter, to directly connect with their target audiences. Particularly, in the current scenario.

  1. Vertical videos and social media TV becoming more prevalent

One of the major and significant social media trends since 2018 has been Instagram’s IGTV.

This alongside the rest of the developments from the social networks focuses on the ascent of what one can term as “social television” with the vertical video format in the lead. As per the various studies, more than half of the digital videos tend to be seen on the mobile in vertical format. This trend is seeing a rise since 2013.

Also, it is expected that Instagram will continue to grow in an exponential manner. Eyeing this, rest of the platforms are bound to follow suit, by coming up with their own vertical videos and stories.

In the race to offer experiences that make the visitors return every day, concepts like IGTV are becoming compelling, such that content is placed right at the top of the feed and remains on the mind of the visitor each time he/she logs on.

  1. Ignoring social media ads is not affordable for brands anymore

Businesses are jumping on social media ads like anything. So much so that the social ad budgets went up by 32% in 2018, with more ads produced than ever before! This seems to be the trend in the times to come.

To keep up with this, social media teams will have to ensure that their ad money is paired with matching creativity and the time invested. So, now that you know what trends to follow to come up with an optimum and effective social media strategy in 2019, just go for it…

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