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Strategies to make money on Facebook

Everyone uses Facebook. Okay, a slight exaggeration. But two billion users worldwide, including more than 200 million in the United States, are very, very common.

This is a revolution in news, culture, social interaction and more. But it’s not just a way for you to get in touch with old average friends, share your funny dog ​​photos, or post videos of your beach vacation.

Facebook is also a powerful money-making platform.

There are many ways that you can potentially make money on Facebook.

1. Facebook Marketplace

In essence, Facebook allows you to sell items in a special section of the site. This way buyers can quickly see a wide range of choices in the surrounding area.

You can publish used or new items, from laptops to mobile phones to car furniture. It’s like Craigslist on steroids. Here are some tips when it comes to selling the Facebook Marketplace:

  • Make sure you include clear images.
  • Provide details such as model number, condition (be honest), etc.
  • Make sure you buy it at the right price. Check out the same or similar items for sale at other market sellers or other sites such as eBay or Craigslist.
  • Keep in mind that there are some negotiations with potential buyers and many will try the low ball. If you don’t think it’s a fair price, you have no obligation to offer.

2. Facebook as a Traffic Driver

The thing about Facebook is that its algorithms look at where you go online, what you do on the site, what videos you watch, and so on.

Then it will bring you more attention. Facebook is also, of course, a way to connect with people, organizations, and companies.

You do not do anything directly from platform to platform, but in the marketplace, but by catching pretty solid people to your Facebook page that gets them to your website, landing page or other website business.

Here you can sell the product or ask to sign up for an email list (we’ll cover it in-depth in the next section). This Facebook traffic is highly qualified – it’s interested in your product offering.

To increase your traffic, you need to post regularly on your Facebook. You can post sales pitches, product launches and the like. Powerful copying and solid quotes can bring a lot of traffic. But you should also have useful content on your page that is promising. You can post industry news, funny stories and more. Photos and videos are very important these days – people watch them. They do not have to be professionally produced.

If you have a blog, you should also post a link to your new page on your new page.

Same with YouTube videos or any other content you get online elsewhere. All this was driving as much traffic as possible.

The idea is to include content that gets to your Facebook page so they show up in their news and send it to their friends.

3. Use to generate Facebook

This goes straight to #2, but I wanted to focus on Facebook as it is very effective, though it is a more gradual way of increasing security of your Facebook account.

All Facebook users out there are potential leads for your business. Not everyone is, of course, just the people who are interested in your products. The cool thing is that Facebook makes it easy to find these folks … and find them for you. Again, you need Facebook for your business.

You have provided useful content to engage users.

And then you also include links to your website or landing page to ask you to sign up for your list, receive newsletters or updates, as well as special offers. You must give them a promotion, such as a free eBook or special account related to your niche.

With Facebook, you can also fill out an email form directly on your Facebook page.

You should also go to fan pages or Facebook groups that are in the same industry or niche and start posting – more people in this network will bring your page either directly to your website or landing page.

Once these people in your email can continue to send you offers as well as useful content such as newsletters. And you can buy more expensive products because they buy low-cost products and are ready for higher ticket items.

4. Facebook Ads

The old saying goes, “You need to spend money to make money.” You have seen these ads, they are small banners on the right side of the page, as well Again, cookies that follow you around online, follow you on Facebook. So ads that appear on something may be interested and you are more likely to click and even buy the product.

One note of caution. As with any type of online advertising, Facebook ads can be pricey and it is quite easy to spend a lot of money with no return if you do not know what you are doing.

So before you use the money on Facebook, you have to have all your systems, you have to be in business for a while and you have to have some cash in reserve, as there will be some trial and error copy and offer that works.

Methods related to this are discussed. By finding a post on Facebook that works well for your prospects, you can increase the amount of extra money you can pay. A stimulating person raises more people.

5. Introduce customers to your brick and mortar business

Consumers expect all businesses to have relationships with their Facebook page. This includes doing business in physical locations such as stores, retail stores, restaurants and more. So you must have a Facebook page that clearly shows you were what your place is, what product or service you offer, and so on.

You can also learn about sales news and discount offers or special events. For example, you can put a weekly happy hour at your restaurant. And if anyone is reading a question or comment – be sure to reply on time. Get conversations with your fans.

Here’s where people like your page, so your new posts are their news. Then when they see a special offer they like, they come to your physical place. You want to keep the business with your prospects so they can visit you.

Admittedly this strategy only really works if you have a physical business, but it’s worth noting here.

6. Sell affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to start a business. And the cool thing is that Facebook is a great way to get this type of venture. It’s so simple.

The basic model works:

  1. You have signed up for an affiliate program. There are dozens there, but a great place to start is Click Bank, CJ Affiliate and Amazon.
  2. The products on these pages have contributed to the Facebook page around a specific hot spot.
  3. When someone clicks on a link and buys a product, you get a commission – generally 5% to 25%.

Just like any strategy to make money on Facebook, it is important to post regularly and engage your audience. It creates trust and buys more people.

A variety of ways to make money on Facebook pick one

There are many ways to spend profit and effort on Facebook. It is one of the most diverse platforms for making money Best Time to Post on Facebook. Try one or more of these methods to see which one works best for you. best wishes.


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