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How to Use Social Media in Job Search

Today, when it is everything about technologies and internet, there are very few people that have no accounts in at least one social media service. Thus, it has already become a part of job search for most people, especially after LinkedIn was introduced.

How to use social media in job search

One of the most useful places to go look for job opportunities are job websites like JobTonic, which is considered the best in India, but social media will help you a lot in conducting the search, especially if you know how to use them right.

Here are a couple guidelines you can use online.

Make searching yourself a habit. Even if you are not very active on social media (and especially if you are), make sure you research your full name on Google from time to time to see what occurs. If there are any outdated and provocative pictures or videos showing, do your best to make them disappear. The same is with any controversial posts.

There is also an opportunity of creating an alert for your name so that you will know when anything appears online - this will help you better concentrate on your job search.

Stay professional. Everywhere. Look through your social media pictures and posts. Are they all worth to be hanging somewhere in your office? If not, make sure your employers (both current and potential) will not be able to see them. An old saying that there is the inly chance to make the first impression is true, and to make a good one online you should audit your web presence.

Make sure your profiles have no signs of complaining about bosses, difficulties of the job search, and especially that you don’t say anything bad about recruiters that are not able to see how brilliant you are.

Security is important. If you still have something controversial at your social media accounts, and you want to keep it there, be sure to increase the security of these profiles, so that you will not be associated with them in HR's eyes. Make sure recruiters will see online the same person that is coming to an interview.

Choose the words right. If you are targeting a certain job or industry, it is better that you are familiar with the terminology, and that others can see it. Try looking through the LinkedIn profiles of pros in the field, and borrow some professional language into your own profile. Joining the groups focusing on this profession and sharing some interesting and useful links will also help establishing connections and growing as a professional.

If you have any questions, please ask below!