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A List of The Best Social Media Marketing Software Programs You Should Try for Instagram!

A lot has been written about how Instagram is a brilliant tool for marketing a business and its products or services. The reason is that in the last few years, the social media platform has evolved from being merely a vanity trip where one could share great pictures of one’s life to being a serious tool for marketers. Alongside the growing popularity of the platform, we have seen the introduction of several software programs which can help social media marketers do their job more efficiently. Let us look at the twelve popular tools that Instagram marketers use.


It is an app that helps edit pictures before they are posted on Instagram. It is part of the Google family of products, which in itself makes users trust it for quality and usability. The best feature of this tool is that you can edit specific areas of a picture instead of the whole thing. Let’s say an architectural firm is planning to promote its earlier constructions on Instagram. This tool would help it edit and highlight specific areas of the buildings in the photo. It does help that this app is free to use!


It is another widely used editing app. For a business that has just begun Instagram marketing, and does not have a comprehensive grasp of the technicalities, this is a useful app because it provides all the required features. There are several editing tools and numerous filters that significantly enhance the quality of the pictures.


Instagram is primarily about pictures and videos, but it also presents the opportunity of adding captions and descriptions, and even text overlay on images. Over is a great app that helps with the typography of Instagram posts. It also provides help in adding logos or quotations to the pictures. It is a valuable app because a picture might say a thousand words, but some additional words make the message clearer, especially in the case of a new product launch or contest announcement.


Unlike most other tools on this list, Iconosquare comes to use after the marketing efforts have been put. It is an excellent analytics tool that helps to track the progress and success of a marketing campaign. The marketer would be able to understand the types and numbers of followers, identify useful influencers, pinpoint the optimal timings to post content and so many other usable insights from this tool.


When conducting marketing on several social channels, it is often useful to schedule the posts in advance as per the strategy. That is what Buffer helps to do. This tool helps to schedule Instagram posts along with social shares on other platforms. It ensures timely posting of content and also helps to track the timing and frequency of posts.


It is another scheduling app which has gained immense popularity. Multiple posts can be scheduled in one go, and the app also makes it possible for each post’s captions to be added out in advance. It makes it an invaluable tool for Instagram marketers, and because it is free, even beginners can benefit from it.


One of Instagram’s own products, Layout is used for creating collages of multiple pictures. A collage is often required when several photographs need to be displayed under one single post. Instagram has followed up this tool with a new feature called Carousel, which can help you add even videos to a picture collage.


For sure, this is a paid app, but it is worth every penny you spend on it! Many Instagram marketers buy Instagram likes and followers, and getting premium membership of this app is just a simpler way of achieving the same goal of getting more followers and likes for the content. This app comes with almost all the features that might be needed for photo editing. It brings in dynamic color gradients which adjust themselves, healing brush tools for clearing the brightness and texture, curve adjustment of pictures along with a wide range of typography tools and many other features.


It would probably rank high on the list of underestimated but highly useful apps. Repost fills in a much-needed gap in Instagram functionality, which is the ability to share or repost Instagram content. This app comes in handy when a brand wants to repost user-generated content (UGC), or when a follower wants to share a beautiful picture of a brand. It makes it an invaluable tool to cross-reference Instagram content with other social media.


It is a comprehensive marketing toolkit that is the next big thing for Instagram marketing. This app helps to generate more customer reviews of a product, which drive up traffic on the particular profile and thereby lead to more sales. Not only that, but Yotpo also enables the creation of feeds on which users can shop directly.

Sprout Social

At its heart, Sprout Social is a scheduling tool just like a few others listed earlier. However, the reason Sprout Social has become so popular is that it goes the extra mile by providing great analytics as well. It is, therefore, more correct to call Sprout Social a complete social media management platform rather than just a scheduling tool.

Instagram for Business

Technically, this is a set of tools that can give excellent support to marketing efforts, which makes it more than just a software program. It allows the business to add not only the location to its feeds but also the complete address so that potential clients can easily locate them. It also provides useful business analytics regarding the impression, reach, follower quality and other vital metrics.

Instagram lends itself beautifully to product or brand marketing. However, if used in conjunction with these handy tools and apps, the marketing efforts would become much more efficient.

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