5 Definite Reasons Why Blogging is Crucial to Get Decent SEO Results


Comprehending search engine optimization is definitely not easy. Major search engines like Google also don’t help you a lot to understand this because of the constant way they change their algorithms and policies related to page rankings.

Detecting a pattern has become virtually impossible. There’s no shortcut to get decent SEO results. Long time hard work and investment is the key.

But one effective SEO practice has still remained constant- Blogging. Blogging can greatly benefit your SEO rankings and at the same time it can also help to build a trust among your customers.

Through blogging, you are also contributing something to the community which is considered credible for your business. There are probably a million reasons to blog but in this article, I am concerned specifically with SEO results and the ways through which blogging benefits them.

Let’s go through a few definite reasons as to why blogging is considered a crucial element of SEO.


There’s no doubt that this SEO technique does raise a few eyebrows. Most would tell you that Google doesn’t like all these link schemes and you would be penalized heavily for it.

But does it mean that you would not use links (or even ask them to return the same favor) to build relationship with other companies? Definitely not.

You should use links in your blog sites but do pay special attention to the terms and conditions of the links that you are going to provide in your articles. Most blogs would penalize you for marketing your products directly inside the article; informational links are acceptable, not promotional links.

Do respect their terms and conditions and do accordingly. Good quality links from reputed blog sites can definitely give your site a huge boost in SEP ranking provided you do it the right way.

Guest writing

Many would suggest you that guest blogging’s dead. But that is definitely not necessarily true. Especially in case of backlinking, guest blogging can benefit your tremendously if it’s done in the right way.

You have to work with expert writers though to get results but this is an investment worth doing because it has high ROI (return on investment) especially from the point of view of search engine optimization.

Good quality and SEO friendly gust content can bring in huge targeted traffic from search engines. And that’s exactly what the doctor ordered; isn’t it?

Fresh and unique content

Search engines be it Google or Bing love the smell of fresh content. Ask yourself a simple question. How often do your webpages change? Do they change every week? Do you add anything new to your site each week? Probably not!

This is where a blog section comes in. Regular posts can benefit your website tremendously from the point of view SEO results. By blogging, you are also connecting with your readers and contributing to the world.

Don’t always be a consumer of information; be a producer of information and you’ll definitely get positive results from search engines and readers.


To be honest, keywords these days don’t hold that much importance that they once did. In fact, if you make slight mistakes in this field, you might end up being punished severely by Google.

The practice of stuffing in dozens of keywords in a blog (even though they hold no meaning from the perspective of the blog) is considered an awful practice. Remember your keywords must serve a practice. You shouldn’t force keywords in. They should blend through if possible.

Here’s a tip- long tail keywords can be your best bet. If you get the hang of these keywords, you can definitely get good SEO results. Also remember that choosing words that are used too often as keywords aren’t going to give you a host of SEO benefits. So choose them wisely.

Social media benefits

If you are doing SEO for a long time, you’ll probably know that Google does return social media results. So if you connect your blog to reputed social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. you would give the search engine algorithms one more thing to look for which is your social media listings.

It can definitely benefit your SEO results as long as you use relevant search terms in your titles and meta descriptions.

Last but not the least, do remember that blogging helps to build up your popularity. The more clicks and shares you receive on the internet, you move up the search rankings. So don’t just procrastinate, get into blogging ASAP if you want to build up your website values from the SEO point of view. Good luck!

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