Lies SEO Firms Tell to Clients


When done well and by using the latest known techniques, search engine optimization (SEO) can be very effective. However, there are a number of less than astute people who pose as experts when they actually are not. To that end, the professionals at lists ways to spot what some less than experienced or truthful SEOs may say that is very far from the truth.

#5. Multiple Search Engine Submissions Are Necessary

In days gone by, some people calling themselves SEO experts somehow got the impression that submitting web sites to upwards of 40,000 directories and search engines was an effective way to promote a web site. Not only is this very ineffective, but it can also be very dangerous for a web site to be linked to too many of these sites. In fact, a site that does this runs the risk of getting banned. There are only a handful of submission sites that are worthwhile, such as DMOZ. It is best to let the search engines find the site by using social media and great content to attract the target audience naturally.

#4. The SEO Site Ranks When it Does Not

An SEO consultant whose sight is not highly ranked is not a professional. No good excuse exists that qualified SEOs will try to provide as to why their own web site fails to get a substantial and consistent amount of traffic. After all, this is the business they are in. Therefore, if their site is not ranking, their clients' sites most likely will not either.

#3. SEO Meta Tags Are a Magic Bullet

One common tactic that some SEO consultants may try to tell a client is that all they really need do is to put keywords into their site's meta tags to improve search rankings right away. While meta descriptions are very important, the keyword tags are virtually ineffective. Meta tags are actually a minor part of SEO, so if anyone says that adding meta tags is an answer to getting high search rankings, they are mistaken.

#2. SEO Guarantees Results

No matter what any SEO consultant may say, there is no way that search engine rankings are guaranteed to increase. First, guaranteeing top ranks in Google is futile, given the fact that Google is constantly changing their algorithms. The truth is that in order to make web sites more visible in the search engines, it takes a comprehensive and nuanced plan of action that includes using keywords in the best content for the target audience. Because there are so many aspects connected with the best SEO activities, there is no way to guarantee SEO results under any circumstances.

#1. SEO Will Be Cheap

Inexperienced search engine consultants often tell prospects and clients that it is possible to produce high ranked web sites for very little money. As with anything else, it takes time and resources to attend to online marketing properly. SEO results not only are not fast, but they must be continual in order to last. So even if a site gets great results, it does not end there. Because of this, telling any business owner that they will get fast, great and cheap results after which they can stop working at it is on the level of absurdity.

SEO imposters use all of the above and many more tactics to lure in unsuspecting clients strictly to line their pockets with unearned payment. As long as business owners are aware of the above fallacies, there is a good chance they will not fall prey by a person who is simply posing as an SEO professional.

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