Common SEO Tasks Small Businesses Must Do Every Month

SEOMany onsite SEO discussions are dominated by the technical debates in regards to how the search engines analyze plus store HTML. For the small business owners, this discussion is a bit more practical and also very alarming. This is because, many small business websites perform a very poor in-site SEO or sometimes nothing at all; this leaves large amounts of traffic plus potential clients on the table.

Basically, lack of the small business onsite is just about discipline, repetition, time management and knowledge. The following 4 step approach to creating high value traffic via on-site SEO should be repeated at least two times a month on each small business site.

Identify Demand
A website page must be positioned in such a way that it will catch demand since SEO doesn’t create any demand. This means, you have to use keywords to see how the end users in different categories do their search. When starting a small business, it’s very important that you pick some keywords that are quite easy to rank until some results can be seen. You can try Google AdWords; here you can see the level of competition their free keyword tool and many other tools.

As a beginner, choose a keyword with less than 300 searches each month and it must be marked as ‘Low’ competition on Google. Also make sure you choose keywords on which your business has something that is of great value if shared; this is because, it’s very important that your visitors stay on-site once they land.

Great content
Most small businesses are very knowledgeable about their fields; this is due to the great practical experience. However, lack of proper on-site SEO makes their websites under-perform. You need to create great content in various forms such as, blogs, videos, discussions, podcasts, infographics, webinars, white papers and articles. All these should be targeted towards what your end user is looking for; this is very important information exchange. Your content should also be very compelling; there are many tactics that you can use to build audience engagement. Such tactics include humor, current events and news, controversy, instructions, politics, scare tactics and technical explanation.

Tune Your Content
Most on-site SEO articles heavily focus on this topic. It’s therefore very important that you review the keyword density, mega tags, title tag, URL and image alt attributes. Make your page very attractive and has images that complement your content. Also add informative and appropriate links to any other available great on-site content and links to highly- authoritative sites; this will help achieve SEO co-citation in a natural plus end-user-friendly way. Finally, apply attributes and authorship code for the special features on your page such as videos.

Track and do promotions
All your projects must be measurable, including on-site SEO. Try to track your page performance in SERPs. If a lower-competition keyword was picked and domain authority is high, your content may jump up to page 1. If this happens, wait for 2 weeks and then repeat.

If you don’t rank page 1, then try off-site SEO promotion that can be in form of building links, social media, content marketing, RSS, syndication, guest blogging, infographics plus participating in the appropriate discussions like blog comments and forums. Continue tracking and promoting a newly launched page until page one finally is achieved.

Use the above simple SEO tasks for small businesses; they offer a great simple path toward high-quality, regular content building and also promotion that will definitely improve your rankings and potential online customers. Make sure, the steps are repeated twice every month to keep the website fresh.

If you have any questions, please ask below!