7 Reasons as to Why You Should NOT Spin Articles for Your SEO Campaigns

seo-1216145_960_720Content marketing is a part and parcel of SEO. Most SEO campaigns depend a lot on fresh and regular content to get themselves a good rank on major search engines. That’s because search engines love the smell of fresh content and once they get their food, it’ll reward you profusely with a good SERP rank.

It has also been found that many SEO professionals indulge in unethical practices to churn out more and more content within the least amount of time for maximum profit. One such unethical practice is content spinning.

Content spinning is the process of using a tool to spin an entire article from the head to the toe on one hand and keeping the meaning intact on the other. A spun article may easily go undetected through Copyscape and hence, you might think that the search engines will consider it original from their point of view.

If you indulge in this unethical practice and think you’ll get away with it, you are in a world of hurt my friend. Most major search engines has strict policies against spun articles. Once caught, your entire SEO campaign is bound to go down the drain. Anyway, take a peek at these reasons as to why you should NOT indulge in content spinning to maximize your SEO profit.

  1. Most content spinning software produce unreadable content

Plenty of spinning software are available in the market. But most of them doesn’t produce content that goes up to the mark. In fact, most content spinning software product content that’s virtually unreadable from the point of view of the audience.

Content produced by these spinning tools have loads of logical errors that looks too unappealing from the point of view of the audience. Such things CANNOT benefit your SEO campaigns in any way whatsoever.

  1. Articles produced via spinning tools retain the entire ideas of the original articles

In simple terms, I should say that the words might differ a lot in comparison to the original article, but the basic ideas and the concepts stay the same.

You are basically saying the same thing in another way either through voice change or by using a bucket-load of synonyms. Either way, it’s a non-unique article having zero SEO values; that’s almost a certainty.

  1. Spun content result in low conversion rates

A spun content has poor readability issues. Good content writers use a lot of their skills to craft an article carefully from the very top to the bottom. They also give their articles a natural flow which makes them more appealing from the audience point of view.

When spun articles are concerned, that natural flow stays missing. Thus, the readability level goes down significantly in comparison to the original one. Things like that are a big no-no from the audience point of view. The conversion rate suffers as well.

  1. Major search engines are always on the lookout for spun articles

Like I said before, spun articles are considered unethical and are significantly frowned upon by most search engines.

Major search engines like Google and Bing are always on the lookout for such spun content. Once they come across such content, they will take immediate steps to red flag the site and ban it outright from their platforms.

  1. Spun content adds zero values to the community in general

You must realize that content writing is a noble task indeed. By indulging yourself in content writing, you are actually contributing something constructive to the community in general.

A spun content has zero value. By indulging yourself in such a practice you add virtually nothing to the community. Isn’t that statement reason enough to not indulge yourself in this unethical practice? The answer’s “yes” I guess.

  1. Spun content runs the risk of getting sued for plagiarism

A spun content might pass Copyscape but it definitely can’t escape the eyes of Google powerful algorithms. If caught, you might be sued heavily on account of plagiarism. Better stay away from it.

  1. Spun content saturates the market as a whole

A spun content is basically a different version of an original content. You can produce several versions of the original content through content spinning but do you think it can benefit the market in general?

Of course not! It’s going to saturate the market heavily because it virtually retains the same idea that has been provided times and times again in the market before. Hence, this practice needs to be curbed ASAP.

Always remember that there’s no substitute for effective and ethical content writing. Unethical practices like content spinning will actually do your business more harm than good. Hence, it’s advisable to stay away from this unethical practice and do it the right way. That’s going to benefit you significantly more in the long run.

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