Facebook Marketing for Your Ecommerce Success

facebook-networkAnyone involved in the e-commerce market knows that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. If you are running a store on the vast world wide web, you are most likely competing with a great many other business owners who are selling products very similar to yours. That’s why you should make use of Facebook marketing as Facebook can help you reach a potentially unlimited number of new customers which would help ensure your long-term success. For example’s sake, we’ll assume that you sell landscape lighting although it doesn’t matter what you are selling as marketing on Facebook can be used by all types of e-commerce store owners.

Here are just a few of the many benefits Facebook marketing would provide your landscape design lighting business with (or whatever type of business you may have).

Real Time Feedback

Once you’re up and running with your Facebook marketing campaign, you’ll be able to start dialogues with your current customers as well as with those members on Facebook who may be interested in buying your products. You will get loads of feedback from people about your products and customer service so that you can gain valuable insight into how people are interacting with your line of products you sell in your online store.

Save Marketing Bucks

Facebook marketing is one of the cheapest ways to spread the word about your landscape design lighting. While no marketing is absolutely free, Facebook is one of the most economical ways to market when you compare it to the alternatives you have such as running commercials on the air or buying space in local newspapers. In fact, once you get your marketing underway on Facebook, you’ll discover that it requires more time to maintain that it does money.

You’re able to Cross-Promote your Products

The main goal of your Facebook marketing campaign is to entice people to visit your website. The great news is that Facebook lets you put links to your site on your business page. This means that you can fine tune your messages on Facebook to see which messages are enticing viewers to click through and which are not. If you happen to have another related e-commerce site you would like to market in addition to your lighting store, you’re able to cross-promote on Facebook as you can share various links on your page to support your other marketing efforts.

You can Create a Lot of Positive Buzz via Word-of-Mouth

The beauty of Facebook marketing includes being able to create an image for your business wherein your fans think highly of it and you. When you succeed at connecting with others on Facebook by being active and communicating with your fans, they will most likely sing your praises to their friends and family using Facebook. This will most certainly result in more sales of your product line which is the reason you’re marketing on Facebook in the first place!

You can Introduce New Products and Announce Sales

Since you are going to be posting regular status updates on Facebook, you can use theses opportunities to announce to your fans that you have some exciting new landscape design lighting in your inventory. You also can announce sales and special offers you have available in real-time and could even entice your fans to shop right away by putting time limits on the special savings you’re offering.

As you can see, Facebook marketing is a very effective way to amp up your e-commerce sales. If you haven’t yet signed up for Facebook, do so asap as now is the right time to get active on the largest social network on earth.

Published on behalf of Ms. Amanda Zeevi. She works in online marketing industry. She writes about social media and e-commerce.

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