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Why Tumblr Is Important in any SMM Strategy

tumblrMarketing a business or brand on the Internet is easy nowadays, thanks to social media. With the use of various software platforms, marketers are able to reach out to a wide range of online users. Every social media marketing (SMM) strategy would include such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others, in order to promote the brand or the business products or services. A huge part of promoting the brand or the business is consistent engagement with the online users through content posting and management. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other similar platforms, marketers are able to post texts, images, videos, and other related content. Add in the power of content sharing, and a social media marketing campaign would generally earn positive results. And then there's Tumblr.

As we all know, Tumblr is also a social media platform that lets the user share anything and everything, from texts, images, quotes, links, music files, and videos. However, many marketers often ignore this platform in their social media campaign even with what is apparently obvious, which is the ability to post content. The platform is more than five years in existence now, but its self-definition does not clearly define its user base, more so the potential to be a platform that is engaging to fans. Indeed, what most people know about Tumblr is not only its sharing power sans the social media marketing angle, but a website where theme-based GIFs are posted.

But then, including Tumblr in social media marketing campaigns is a big plus, especially if marketers want brands and businesses to reach out to potential clientele or customers. Just take a look at how many people have a Tumblr account. Apparently, it is an enormous community even if brands and businesses ignore the social media platform. Recently, it has been estimated that 50.5 billion content items—jpegs, gifs, music and video content, and texts, have been created and posted on Tumblr. Every day, the social network gets more than 70 million new posts.

Numbers aside, the content featured here, as well as the massive community of Tumblr, are one of a kind. Creativity coming from the user is one of the main reasons why people get hooked on this social media platform. For instance, visual content, including photos in .jpeg and, more importantly, in .gif formats, provide a user experience that could translate into a positive and fruitful social media campaign. That is, if marketers are able to utilize the platform.

Tumblr, with its six years of providing users a unique social media experience, has been a mainstay for many Internet-savvy individuals, especially for 20- and 30-somethings. However, brands and businesses often take a long time to notice the big potential of this social media platform. Interestingly enough, some brands have already made its online presence through Tumblr, such as Target and Coca-Cola. It is therefore imperative for marketers who are on the verge of planning a campaign through social media to include Tumblr as one of the main priorities aside from Facebook and Twitter.

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