Content Marketing Ideas for Lawyers

content-marketingFrom posting testimonials to using guest posts in exchange for links, there are plenty of ways lawyers can take advantage of content marketing for their practices. With the educational background and experience attorneys have, there are plenty of opportunities to put up original unique content to improve readership for your practice.

Guest Blogging

Not all sites are putting out fresh content all the time. In this form of link building, you can contact the webmaster of another site to see if they will want to post content by you on a post in exchange for a link to your site. This can also be done using sites such as my guest blog, which brings together parties interested in both providing and using guest blog content. Guest blogging gives you access to another site's readership, helping in the exposure of your practice's brand. It will also help boost traffic to your site, especially if readers find your content interesting and want more. This form of link building has consistently served in SEO and content marketing, having survived both the Panda and Penguin updates.

Legal Myths

Aren't speeding tickets invalid if they misspell your name? When can I have an old misdemeanor expunged? Take advantage of your expertise to address the multitude of legal myths out among the public. Nothing will help boost your following like original content that conveys information useful to everyone. Since anyone can be subject to an arrest, information in dealing with it will always be relevant. Inform readers of the rights they have in certain situations for example. Summed up, empower your reader so they will feel like a lawyer because they read your content. So when they do encounter a situation one day, your practice will be the one that comes to mind.


Lawyers are well known for their high hourly cost relative to other professions, and being an attorney you might often be pressed for time. Whether you are or not, you want to dispel this among other common beliefs concerning lawyers and their time. Make some time to volunteer at a charity or community event, showing you can allocate your valuable time to a worthy cause without need for compensation. Other than personal fulfillment from improving the lives of others, the message you send to readers helps you stand out as an attorney that cares about other people even when you have nothing to gain. Be sure to take photographs or video for the post.

Image Marketing

Legal memes and humorous images related to the legal field are powerful attention getters. This is why sites such as Pinterest, Imgur, and Tumblr are so popular today. When used sparingly, appropriately, and in good taste a meme or image can go a long way with your readership. In such a serious professional field, some light hearted humor is sometimes welcomed by readers.


Take time to put up content answering questions prospective and past clients have asked, whether it was over email, social media, or in person. Be sure to name or refer to the person who asked the question, making your response all the more personal. This illustrates to readers that you care about concerning others' questions, even if they may not be a client. The reference to whomever asked the question just provides hard evidence that you're directly responding to someone's question or concern while also offering an answer free of charge.


For those of your clients who are willing to disclose their case's details, you can use their feedback to put up a testimonial blog post. Nothing you post about how great your practice is holds as much weight as client feedback and review on your services first hand from a past client. Clients are fully capable of discussing the competency of your practice without having concern for disclosing private information of their case as well. Whether this is done through social media outlets or online reviews take time to thanks and share a post linking positive testimonials of your practice every now and then.

An article published on behalf of Mr. Matt Kyle. Matt is the head of the Kyle Law Firm in San Marcos, Texas. The team at Kyle Law Firm specializes in both criminal defense and personal injury, offering a wide range of legal services ranging from DWI defense to wrongful death claims.

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