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Boost Your Business with Social Videos

social-media-logosContent can have a powerful effect on the marketing and branding of a business if created, shared and promoted strategically. In the digital landscape, creating a business website and blog isn’t good enough. To reach full potential, an organization is expected to engage in social media — and that includes videos.

YouTube + Pinterest

The beauty of social media is that it is continuously changing, with diverse content that fosters dialog and creates conversations. Digital marketing and SEO agency iAcquire participates in casual, yet intriguing, round-table discussions with industry experts called “Lunch Break With Mike King.” King, the company’s director of inbound marketing, chats about trending and relevant topics — content strategy and creative, search and social, and SEO and keywords. King’s lunch break roundtables welcome well-known guests, such as the Nielsen creative director Tony Rojas, and State of Search founder Bas van den Beld.


These discussion videos are posted to YouTube and serve as marketable content, with industry insights that can be cross-promoted on various social media sites. Posting YouTube videos as Pinterest pins from iAcquire and as posts on Facebook can further attract audiences and increase content engagement.

Twitter Vine

Even B2B or technical companies can capitalize on the explosive popularity of Twitter Vine. Posting a six-second looping video on Twitter Vine can add personality and creativity to your marketing. Inbound marketing software company HubSpot invites audiences into its office culture with an office video tour. Sharing employee interactions and opening up the workplace to consumers and clients humanizes a company. Humanizing or personalizing a business through video content, also known as video marketing, helps strengthen a brand. Consumers connect better with people, rather than a company name. “Once you get people to know, like and trust you,” notes, “then and only then will they start to buy from you on a regular basis.”

Instagram Video

Similar to Twitter Vine, Instagram’s video feature has also been adopted by businesses for branding and marketing campaigns. Instagram claims it has 90 million users who check into the application at least once a month and Facebook stated it has more than 100 million registered users, according to Instagram claims it has 130 million users who have interacted on the network with 1 billion likes, according to Within six months, the platform has grown significantly, and businesses can’t afford to be excluded from that level of exposure.

Think of Instagram videos as a business tool for rich, promotional media clips. In 15 seconds of video recording, your business can promote a product, visual portfolio, special offer or sweepstakes. An Instagram video serves as an outlet for creative marketing, especially with its creative filters. The platform’s video features open doors for artistic visuals and creative video offerings.

Iconic British Luxury Brand Burberry debuted its Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 London show by sharing video with its more than 800,000 Instagram followers. also features the athletic apparel company lululemon for promoting a yoga-inspired lifestyle with its “Every mat has a story to tell” Instagram video. By developing a high-quality, beautiful 15-second video, your business can take its marketing, branding and social media campaigns to new and creative heights.

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