Ways to Use Beach Themes in Your Decorating

beach-theme-room-decorationSummer is coming and what better way to celebrate the season is with a beach themed home makeover. Beach themed décor is a fun and festive way to bring some of the beach, ocean, and sea life indoors; it is one of my favorite looks. If I could completely redecorate my home, I would incorporate this theme in every single room. Who doesn't want to come home to a tropical oasis indoors? It is a wonderful reminder of summer, cool ocean breezes, and relaxation. So, if you are getting the decorating itch, you may be interested in how you should introduce this particular theme. Here are five ways to bring the sunshine inside:

1) Choose the right color schemes.

Getting the colors right are the most important aspect of the beach theme. Choose warm, tropical colors like oranges and yellows for accents and the main colors should be shades of blue to represent the sky and greens to represent nature and the sea. Basically, think of the types of things you see when you go to the beach, and introduce those colors into your décor. If you are considering repainting the room, consider using Maine Cottage for your paint colors and for painted furniture. The cottage furniture style is a great way to incorporate a fresh ocean look to your home inside and out.

2) Use memorabilia.

My favorite vacations include going to the beach, so this means that I accumulate quite a lot of mementos to the occasion. If you're anything like me, you must have quite a lot you've kept as well. So, frame photographs, display souvenirs, and use any variety of beach memories to design the room around. Don't be afraid to put out those scrapbooks as "coffee table books" so any guest coming by can familiarize themselves with you, your family, and your favorite beach memories.

3) Rearrange the room to be open, and "air-y."

An element that I struggle with the most in redecorating is not overdoing it. I tend to add in too many pieces or too many extra furniture items to make up the new theme. For your beach themed space, keep it simple, open, and "airy." If you're moving in a light wood coffee table, it isn't necessary to purchase the matching side tables, the matching TV stand and the matching bookcase. Think of how serene the lone sunrise or sunset looks over the ocean or how beautiful one shell on the sand looks. Simple designs with less clutter will also make your home just as peaceful as a sunset on the beach.

4) Choose from a variety of beach themes.

Whether it's a nautical design, tropical beaches, a "ship-wrecked" theme, or a serene ocean layout, step out of the usual distressed wood and seashell prints, by selecting items that fit in the beach that you'd like to visit. Not to mention, take it a step further and browse photographs of real locales that you can use for inspiration.

5) Use natural (looking) items.

Finally, one important element to add when designing a beach themed room-use natural elements. The next time you go on vacation, pick up seashells while you walk the shore. When you get home, put together a collage or frame using these items. Or, better yet, place them in strategic places in the room to give it that full "walking along the ocean shore" effect. Really, whether it’s seashells, starfish, message in a bottle, using “straight from the beach” can add the final touches to the beach-y room.

Redesigning a room is never an easy task, but if you love the theme you are creating for the space, it can be quite a lot of fun. Hopefully, this post inspires you for your next beach themed room, so you can go on your own island vacation any time you want.

If you have any questions, please ask below!