Black & White Interior Design Tips: Create Strong Focal Points


Everyone should design their living room in such a way that it fits their preference and personality, as this is the place where we spend most of our time when we are at home. There is a special category of people who just love the sophistication and minimalism of black and white design. This high-contrast, bold combination packs a powerful interior décor punch.

If you too fall in this category of people, then you can transform your living room into a minimalistic masterpiece with a black and white color scheme and convey a bold and contemporary style statement by focusing the attention on a few strong focal points.

If you choose to go ultra modern and minimalistic in your interior décor, you can play with the contrast smartly and achieve a dramatic and sophisticated atmosphere in your living room. Choosing your furniture in such a way that it sharply contrasts with the color of the walls, ceiling and floor can bring out and accent on the beauty of the architecture and the individualism of each single piece of furniture. The dualism of light and dark creates a clear backdrop for open spaces and helps articulate decorations and turn them into focal points of your room.


Sofas are perhaps the most important piece of furniture in every living room, as they provide a place to sit, rest and recharge your batteries after a long day of work. That is precisely the reason why they should be given their due attention in the interior design of your home.

Black sofas are often used as centerpieces in contemporary black and white design. Set against light-colored walls, they can really stand out, giving the entire room minimalistic elegance and an air of contemporary finesse. But they can fit a range of other design themes, too, apart from the modern minimalistic décor, like a rustic, classic or monochrome theme; so if you choose to invest in a black sofa or sectional, you can fit it in other interior décor settings, too, if you decide to remodel your living room after some time.


The same is also true for white sofas and furniture pieces. While they are a perfect fit for a modern black and white theme or a minimalistic décor, they can also be integrated in a number of other interior design settings.

Choosing white as the color of the walls and floor will give your space a very light appearance. White ceramic tiles, for instance, allow your beautiful furniture pieces to stand out and be the point of accent in your living room.


The minimalistic approach allows you to use just a few décor elements to create a modern and daring décor, and in some cases even a futuristic feel to your living room. To complement your furniture, you can use a few decorating elements like statuettes, lamps etc. in original shapes or a bold piece of artwork.


It pays to invest in an impressive piece of artwork - a statue or a painting, as it will draw the attention towards itself. A painting or two hung on a bare wall or a single statue on the end table create a dramatic effect and will draw the eyes of the viewers. You can choose a statue with a geometric design or of something which really exist - like a cat or a horse, etc. While your paintings should not necessarily be monochromatic and you can use the opportunity to add a hint of color to the decor, your statues should be in one color and made from a single material.

Choose accent pieces that will surprise the viewers and invoke their creativity. These can serve as great conversation topics as well.

Just a Dash of Color

Of course, if you don't want to go too hardcore minimalistic or black and white in your living room décor, you can add a few accent pieces in a different color or finish in order to soften the effect of the black and white theme. Natural wood elements, wood flooring or a few pieces of furniture with a wood finish or matt lacquer can add a warm feel to the room, without hampering its black and white statement.


Remember, you are not bound to only using black and white colors by law. You can add an accent color in some of the accessories or furniture pieces. A few color accents will serve as a nice refinement, so don't be afraid to play with the colors and textures. For instance, a bright green or purple armchair can contrast your sleek-lined black sofas and create a stunning focal point. A unique centerpiece will add splendor to your minimalistic design.

You can combine the black and white décor with a modern carpet in a geometric pattern, or a tall shelf, or an accent wall - employ your creativity and experiment a bit and you won't regret it.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable with living in such a modern and minimalistic space, but for those of you who find the black and white design theme compelling, it gives you great opportunities to exercise your design sense. Just choose and match your sofas, tables and other furniture and accent pieces wisely and don't overstuff the space and you are sure to get stunning results.


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