Steps to Keep Your Home Organized and Clutter Free

declutterKeeping your home clean and organized is often much harder than it sounds. It is a problem not only for couples with kids but also for many young people living in studio apartments or small homes, it becomes even bigger of a hassle when you are moving places or shifting to a different location.

The biggest challenge in getting your place organized is trying to find sufficient time when you can put everything aside and get down to this dreadful activity. There are some very simple habits and methods which can help you keep your place clean whilst following your daily routine. Today we will tell you 10 important steps and we guarantee that if you follow these tips, you will not have to set aside hours for getting your place organized in your daily schedule.

Get a Shoe Rack and Place it at the Entrance door:

Most of the dirt that you see in your house is due to the shoes that are brought into the house by people. A shoe rack at the front door will not only make you automatically organize your shoes as soon as you get home but will also be an intelligent signal for everyone who visits your house to take their shoes off or clean them real well before entering. A shoe rack will also save your time as it will almost always have the recent 8 or 10 pairs that you wore. Since you will not need to go on a shoe hunt every time you are in a hurry, a lot of your time will be saved.

shoe rack

Get a Coat Hanger for your Living Room:

A coat hanger can be the solution of all the clothes you see piled up on your living room floor. We recommend having the coat hanger in the living room as that is where you will spend more than 70% of your time when you are home. Even when your kids get home, you can make it their habit to not throw their jackets or scarfs on the sofa or floor but to hang them at a fixed place. This will make it easier for kids as mostly they don´t like to go to their rooms to change clothes as soon as they get home and for you too as you will not have to pick up jackets from the floor after every 2 hours.

coat hanger

Assign Place for Keys, Umbrellas and Newspapers:

Have a pre assigned place where you are supposed to hang keys and place umbrellas. Mostly there are a lot of newspaper pages left on the sofa or tables, assign a proper shelf or rack for them too so they can be put in place after use. If you have a book shelf, it is best to have some space for the newspapers there as they will not look out of place and give the room an untidy look.

place for keys

Arrange the Couch Cushions and Bedroom Pillows:

The biggest hack that will make your house organized instantly is to get the cushions in all rooms organized. Even a very clean room will give an untidy look if the cushions are not organized. Organizing the cushions will make the room presentable even if children are playing in it and have made a mess due to their pencils or drawing books.

couch bed

Get ‘Playing Box' for your Kids:

This is a very intelligent idea many mommies use around the house. The trick is to get a big but light box that children can carry around with them to different rooms. Due to this box, the mess of pencils, crayons, papers and toys that you see on your floor will disappear.

This will also help you clean up faster if guests are coming and have informed you at the last minute. Instead on trying to put crayons and pencils in separate boxes and then running towards the book shelve with the colouring books, you can simply put everything in this box and put it at its proper place.

Playing BoxMake Dinner Routine in the Morning:

Make up your mind about dinner from the morning so you don't wonder what to make and what to buy in the afternoon. This will not only keep your mind less occupied but will also help you buy whatever grocery is required in time.

Dinner Routine

Put a list of Chores on the Fridge:

Keep an updated list of chores on the fridge. This will help you remember what tasks you have to do that day or even later in the week. This will also let other members of the family see what is happening and needs to be done around the house. Often we plan things to do but forget them as the mind is already pre occupied by a lot of things that need to be done ASAP. This list will help you plan your day better and prioritize tasks.

chores on fridge

Tidy Up the Bedroom as soon as you Wake up:

First thing that you need to do in the day is to make your bed and clean the bedroom. Since you are more energetic in the morning, not only will this take less time but the sight of a clean bedroom will also motivate you to do all required tasks on time.

tidy bedroom

Load the Dishwasher and Laundry at least Once a Day:

If you load the dishwasher and laundry every day, the tasks will not pile up and irritate you later. Moreover, this will not only make your house cleaner but you will also have all the dishes and clothes available if there are some surprise visitors or events coming up.

laundry dishwasher

Decide What You'll Wear the Next Day:

Decide what you are going to wear in advance. Mostly when we get up in the morning, we try on 2 or 3 shirt to see what looks best. Since time is already short, we wear one shirt and leave the other 3 or 4 shirts and trousers that we just tried out on the bed.

If you make your decision before sleeping, you will have your clothes ready the next morning and all the mess will be avoided. Moreover, you will not have to listen to your boss about you being late again!

decide what you will weak next day

Many people can't figure out how to relocate whilst keeping things organized at home before and after moving. Companies like fnworldwide make this a lot easier for you and your family by making the relocation procedure very smooth. With these simple 10 tips, you can make your home uncluttered and organized and your life easier.

If you have any questions, please ask below!