Feng Shui Colours for Positive Energy at Home

The art of using colours to control and direct energy is one of the core teachings in Feng Shui, the Chinese art for decorating interiors and exteriors. When used properly colours can bring the desired Chi into your home. On the other hand, if you are not mindful of the colours you introduce around the house, you may create an atmosphere of restlessness, anxiety and pressure. To help you pick the right palette for your walls and decors, today we will take a look at three of the main Feng Shui colours - green, yellow and orange.

Green - the Colour of the Wood Element


In Feng Shui, green symbolises the wood element. This is the colour of fresh energy, new beginnings, renewal, restoration and vitality. Green is very nourishing for health as it brings healing vibrations, calms the nerves and psyche and generally balances the body. To maximise the healing effect of green, make sure to use several different grades of the colour.

Probably the best way to introduce green in your home is by placing plants with lush green foliage. You can freely spread plants around the East, South and Southeast areas of your home or office. Generally green should not be used as a wall colour as it is too distracting to the eyes.

Yellow - the Colour of the Earth Element


Yellow is the Feng Shui colour of sunlight, earth and the fire element. It is used for creating uplifting, cheerful and bright living spaces. There are endless shades of yellow you can choose from for your home - from pale and almost neutral yellow tones to vivid, bright and hot sunflower yellow. Most of the yellow variations can be used in your living room, kitchen or children's rooms.

Yellow is especially beneficial for rooms that lack enough light and sunshine. By introducing this colour in such spaces, you will compensate for the lack of sunlight and bring in playful warmth of the sun.

Orange - the Colour of the Fire Element

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Orange is of the colours associated with the fire element in Feng Shui. Go for it, in case you are not a big fan of red. Orange is less intense and suits home interiors as well as office environment. According to the Chinese art, orange is a "social" colour - its energy promotes conversations and social interactions.

Orange is a happy colour but it doesn’t suit every single room. You should use this colour for living room, kitchen, children’s room. As a general rule, orange is ideal for living and playful areas. This colour symbolizes energy. I advise you to use orange as a decorative colour, instead of having it all over a room.

The Orange colour is soft and warm and it creates a really cozy living atmosphere. It’s definitely an easy colour to live with. At sunset, orange looks like gold which can be truly magical.

Feel free to use orange in the South, Southeast and Northeast areas of your home - these are the places where you can introduce summertime motives.

No matter what colour combinations you choose for your home, you won't be able to achieve harmony and positive energy flow if you do not follow the other Feng Shui principles - organized, minimalistic and clutter-free interiors. Make sure that you maintain your home in the best possible way by cleaning it at least every few days. If you have a busy schedule on your hands, consider hiring a cleaning maid to assist you with the cleaning chores around the house. In case you don't know where to look for such services, you can contact one of the many after builders cleaning services, like AB Cleaning Now, around London. Most after builders cleaning companies offer regular cleaning services as well.

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