New Year Sparkly Door Decorations Ideas

During the festive season, most of us get set to work on decorating our homes to inject some seasonal spirit into them. Whilst we concentrate on adding sparkle to the inside and exterior of the home, it’s also worth remembering to jazz doors up as well. Your front door is the welcoming entrance to your home, so it’s the first thing guests will see when they come over for New Year celebrations. Get them in the right mood by making sure your door provides a festive welcome-but don’t forget about your inside doors, too!


Lots of people decorate their doors with a Christmas wreath made from holly and berries, etc. For something a bit different, why not get a non-traditional wreath to celebrate the turning of a new year? There are tons of unique and interesting wreaths to choose from, so pick one with shimmering pearls or tiny, colourful cloth balls. You could even make your own! It will add an element of interest and a warm welcome to your home.


New Year banner

If you don’t have too much time to spend decorating your door, then at the very least add a Happy New Year banner to it. These are widely available, but there’s nothing stopping you creating your own if you have an arty streak.



Balloons are the ultimate symbol for celebrating, so add some festive spirit to your home by attaching a few Happy New Year balloons to your front door. In fact, they can be added to any door of the home, for instant party effect.


Shimmer curtain

If you’re looking for a really sparkly way to dress your door up this festive season, then consider adding a silver or gold door shimmer curtain. It’s easy to attach but will instantly transform a drab door into something much more glitzy and glamorous.

Shimmer curtain

Doorway danglers

Doorway danglers gently cascade down a doorframe, and they make a really superb way to dress a door up. There are lots of styles and colours to choose from, but for the New Year celebrations choose one with stars for a really sparkly feel. You can also get some that read Happy New Year.

Doorway danglers

Add a clock to your door

When it comes to New Year celebrations, knowing when the hand of the clock strikes midnight is crucial. To emphasise the importance of time, place a clock on your door, so that revellers can see when the New Year arrives. Decorate the clock with sparkly ribbons and glittery tinsel, to give it extra pizzazz.


Striking DIY Hanging Branch

This is a beautiful idea for those with bigger entrances, but can be scaled down for smaller doorways too. Find a tree branch that is big or small enough to place over the door of your house. Decorate it with outdoor fairy lights, glitter, baubles, dangling messages of Happy New Year; whatever you feel like. Attach the branch to an extendable shower curtain rail and place above the door. When it's dark and the lights are switched it, it will be a classy and warm welcome to all that enter your home. Pair this with a matching wreath and you'll have the perfect decoration for your door.

Striking DIY Hanging Branch

This article was written by Amy and the team from Vibrant Doors. One of Amy's hobbies is DIY and craft and she loves trying out new and creative ways to decorate the home, especially for special occasions. Connect with them, here.

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